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Meet Sarah

Born in Yorkshire I then spent my formative years being dragged up and down the UK but finally settled in South Wales with my boyfriend (now husband!) when I was just 19. So it's safe to say that the beautiful scenery of Abergavenny, Brecon and all of this green, green land feels like home.

I always knew I had two callings in life. One was to be a Mother and the other was to make photography my career. I cannot tell you the joy of not only achieving both of those things but being able to combine the two! 

Mother to two wild and free boys. A photographer celebrating the wonderful Mothers she meets. Passionate about supporting and empowering women.

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We are better together.

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Motherhood changed me in the most incredible ways, it has given me a love that only Mothers can understand. Made me realise how much power and bravery I have within me. But even though I give thanks for my boys everyday I will never deny that Motherhood is also one of the most challenging paths a person can take. There are ups and there are downs, I will always be honest and vulnerably open about both sides. I will always offer an ear or a shoulder to lean on for Mothers who need to share, need to connect and need to know that they are not alone.

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My passion

Too often Mothers are the ones taking the photos, capturing the precious moments of your children's lives, never getting into the frame yourself. This leaves a void in your family's story, and I'm passionate about changing that narrative! You deserve to be a part of your children's story and not just be the unseen storyteller. As your children grow they will often revisit their story and they will be so grateful to see you there sharing every milestone. By stepping in front of the camera you ensure that your love, presence and dedication are etched into your children's memories.

My favourite things

Being out in nature with my boys.

Photographing Mothers by  water,  the sea,  rivers,  a good sized puddle  and I'm there! 

Watching anything created by Wes Anderson.

Being surrounded by supportive, fun women.

Listening to music non stop, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Hozier & Jeff Buckley please! 

Reading Tarot and learning to embrace everything Woo.

Baking, I'm not GBBO standard but I know my way round a cinnamon bun.

Reminding women how beautiful and strong they are,  all need to hear it sometimes. 

Saying yes to things that scare me and never taking life too seriously. 


Let's tell your story

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