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5 Tips to Help You Create Maternity Portraits During Lockdown. Pregnancy Photography South Wales.

At the time of writing this we are about to enter the second week of coronavirus induced lockdown.

I know that when you dreamt about your pregnancy the word ‘quarantine’ was nowhere in your mind. However that’s the situation we currently find ourselves in. I’m assuming you’ve been following all the government updates and guidelines about how the outbreak will effect your day to day life whilst pregnant. So I’m not going to mention any of that, I’d like to bring you a little bit of light relief.

What I want to do is help you find the joy again of this amazing time in your life. Yes it’s not how you planned it would be but that doesn't mean you still can’t enjoy it and most importantly CELEBRATE it!

I think this is the perfect time for your maternity photoshoot! Ideally I’d be with you in person to help capture those beautiful pregnancy photos but instead I’ll share with you my top five tips on creating your own special portraits.

Find your light.

You don’t need lots of fancy, expensive studio lighting to create gorgeous photos. In fact I NEVER use artificial light when shooting, natural light is your friend! I suggest taking your photos around midday when the sun is nice and bright, go around your home at this time of day and see which rooms have the best light. Place yourself in front of a window and get snapping!

P.S be sure to turn off any indoor lights so the natural light doesn’t have to compete.

Get loose, get silly.

Create a playlist of some of your favourite songs, the ones you can’t help but dance to! Mine would have to include ‘A Town Called Malice’ and absolutely anything from James Brown! Remember this is a fun thing you’re doing so just get into and enjoy it. Have a little boogie whilst you’re shooting, have fun, loosen up a little and it’ll make for more relaxed looking images.

Also dancing helps reduce stress, something we all need right now!

Bare the bump.

If you’ve had a look through my portfolio you’ll see some shots of Mamas with their bumps bare. I LOVE these shots as do a lot of the Mums I’ve worked with. However some Mums have told me they don’t feel comfortable having me create those images of them which is completely understandable, we all have different comfort levels and relationships with our bodies. BUT I think that taking these pictures yourself is the perfect opportunity to create some bare bump shots.

I know how it can be seeing your belly grow, it brings a mix of emotions. Some days you feel beautiful, neigh, gorgeous when you see your wonderful curves, other days you can feel a little more like a barrel on legs. I get it! But honestly your body is doing such a miraculous thing a thing of wonder and beauty and it deserves to be photographed in all its glory!

I’m not saying you have to share semi-naked maternity portraits on all your social media accounts….unless of course you want to in which case, go you!!

Take them for yourself, so that you’ll always remember how your body expanded to carry a whole world within it!

Sibling love.

If this pregnancy isn’t your first then of course you want to create some pregnancy photos which involve your older child(ren). Now depending on the age of your kid(s) this can be a little tricky. I’ve done my fair share of negotiating with toddlers about getting in on the bump portraits! Let me share with you some of my favourite prompts and ‘poses’ for sibling shots.

> Cuddle up together and read your child’s favourite stories.

> Ask big brother/sister if they can hear baby singing/talking.

> Get them to play with their favourite toy with bump. e.g ride trains over bump, get cuddly toys to give bump a hug.

> Point to a spot on your bump and ask if big sibling can feel baby kicking.

If big sibling doesn’t want to join in, I suggest you just start taking pictures alone, talking with bump and exclaiming about what a good time you’re having with bump. I find this usually lures siblings in without having to force them!

Pop it like it’s hot….I think I’m running out of ideas for subheadings….

You obviously want these photos to show off your blooming bump and how you stand in front of the camera can really effect that.

Don’t stand straight on to the camera, because head on, bump can seemingly disappear! Instead stand at either a 45 degree angle or completely side on. Stand tall, good posture, put your weight on the leg furthest from the camera and have a gentle bend in the leg closest to the camera. This pose will help bump really pop and give you lovely soft curves.

And the final thing is ENJOY this! Make a real event of it, have a nice pamper beforehand, do your hair put on your favourite underwear and be a bit indulgent!

if you can get your partner or a friend to help you with these it’s a real fun way to spend time together, create some fun quarantine memories and have the pictures so you never forget!

I hope you found this helpful and it’s inspired you to create some joy at this strange time!

Sending my love (from at least a 2 meter distance),


P.S If you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy and would like to get in touch about booking your maternity or newborn session once we’re all let out into the wild again then just drop me an e-mail at


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