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At Home Newborn Photoshoot - Abergavenny Newborn Photographer - Hello Rafferty

Thomas, Sian, baby Rafferty and Oscar the dog were simply put the most delightful family! We had the most wonderful morning together at their home creating stunning images. I left this portrait session pinching myself that this is my job. Being an Abergavenny newborn photographer, it’s one hell of a gig!!

Abergavenny Newborn Photographer family and dog front door
Say hello to this wonderful family!
Abergavenny Newborn Photographer baby plays laughs with dad
Daddy know how to get all the smiles!

Let them eat cake!

Our session started in a way I would be happy for EVERY session to begin, with still warm, just out of the oven lemon drizzle cake! OH yes! Stunning, although thanks to social distancing we did have a slightly odd way of enjoying our cake together… As the family sat round their garden table I sat in a chair a good ten feet away! These are the times we live in!

south wales newborn photographer family with dog and baby
A happy family portrait.

Despite the distance we still had the chance to enjoy our cake and have a good chat about the joys of newborn life.

Abergavenny Newborn Photographer lifestyle newborn portraits
More laughs thanks to Mummy!
south wales newborn photographer baby laughing with dad
Such a happy little chap.

As an animal lover I am always excited to work with pet owning families. I understand just how important these furry family members are so I always make a point to create images which include them. In fact during our consultation, this was one of the couples requests! And seeing how gorgeous this sweet pooch is, it’s no wonder they wanted him in the photos!

south wales newborn photographer mum kisses baby on head
Rafferty giving me some serious posing.
south wales newborn photographer mum smiling playing baby
Got your nose!

Emotive images.

Our time together was just lovely, Thomas and Sian are two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It was so nice to wander through their rolling garden, chatting, joking and cooing over their gorgeous baby boy. It’s safe to say this couple were so adoring of Rafferty that the love they have for him just glows from the images we caught.

Abergavenny Newborn Photographer whole family portrait
A look into this loving home.
Abergavenny Newborn Photographer Mum and Dad smile together
The look of love.

I always like to get images of baby with their parents altogether but also of baby with each individual parent. When it was time for Thomas to share the spotlight with Rafferty he chose a beautiful shady spot surround by swaying leaves.

Abergavenny Newborn Photographer dad smiling holding baby
Proud smiling Daddy.
south wales newborn photographer whole family portrait
All together, what lockdown?

I’m an Abergavenny newborn photographer who always likes to shoot at my clients homes, even during these strange times. So after we spent plenty of time in the garden I asked the family to head inside.

We got lots of relaxed happy images through the windows. However my favourite have to be the series we created with the family stood in their doorway. Cuddled up together, beaming, seemingly welcoming us into their happy growing home. Ugh my heart!

Abergavenny Newborn Photographer family with baby front door
So lucky to have created these images for this lovely family.

An Abergavenny newborn photographer at work.

As if it wasn’t enough to bake me a cake and make me feel so welcome Thomas and Sian also caught some photos of ME at work! I’m so thankful, as they show really well the distance I’m able to maintain from my subject as I shoot.

If you’re looking for a Abergavenny newborn photographer who is driven to create images which capture the magic of the newborn bubble, then you’ve found her!  Head to my social distancing session page to find out more about this unique service.

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