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Baby Photography Abergavenny - Newborn Photography South Wales - Garden Photoshoot

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Ffion got in touch with me via instagram, upon seeing her profile I recognised her as one of the subjects featured in a fellow photographers project to document his neighbours during lockdown… I have now realised that when meeting clients it’s probably a bit weird to say, “I know where you live!” Sorry Ffion! Anyway! On to the lush baby photography Abergavenny local!

baby photography abergavenny family all together
Elena looking unusually serious.

First I headed into the families garden through a side access on the street and was greeted by Ali holding little raspberry blowing pro, Elena. I was taken aback by how gorgeous she was and so full of smiles!  Immediately it was clear that this was going to be a good session.

baby photography abergavenny dad holds baby girl smiling
Never seen such a smiley baby!

We got to chatting about all things baby and lockdown. Ali shared how it was difficult as his family live in the Sates and it was uncertain when they would be able to visit to introduce everyone to Elena. I can’t imagine how hard that is. But it was lovely to know that I could provide their baby photography in Abergavenny to send to loved ones on the other side of an ocean!

baby photography abergavenny family sitting in garden
Hanging out in the garden.

Ffion and Ali also had a good giggle, saying they can’t wait for Elena to meet Ali’s twin brother, just to see how confused this little girl will be! I really hope they film that moment as that sounds like a viral video to me for sure!

baby photography abergavenny baby plays with dads beard fun
A bit of beard pulling, good fun.

Baby photography Abergavenny, to capture the little things! 

baby photography abergavenny newborn photography south wales
Having a good chew.

Lovely little Elena was going through every parents least favourite thing….teething!! Love her, cutting teeth is no fun but luckily she found the perfect teething toy for the naughty gums. Mummy and Daddy’s fingers! It might seem silly but it’s lovely to document all these little details, first tooth, a love of blowing raspberries, the things that make them belly laugh. Because these are the little details that are so easy to forget during the whirlwind of parenting.

baby photography abergavenny baby teething chew dad hand
Now Daddy's turn.
baby photography abergavenny funny face baby dad laughing
Hear me roar!

I always like to make it a point in when creating baby photography Abergavenny to include beloved pets in portraits. As a fanatical animal lover I know how special a place pets hold in a family. Throughout the session a friendly ginger cat made his presence known, trying desperately to get a starring role in the portraits. It wasn’t till quite late on into the session I discovered that this cat actually belonged to the family next door! Although I feel like thats very cat like behaviour right?!

baby photography abergavenny baby girl looking into camera
Beautiful brown eyed girl

Love your job!

I pinch myself daily at the wonderful clients I get to work with creating baby photography Abergavenny. I’m starting to realise though that my relaxed, happy approach to photography attracts relaxed happy families! And I couldn’t be more pleased!

baby photography abergavenny relaxed family portrait
A laid back and relaxed session

This family were so lovely, easy to joke with and just a pleasure to photography. Thank you guys for being utter stars!

baby photography abergavenny mum dad and baby cuddle smiles
A beautiful family!

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F.Y.I The price for these sessions will soon be increasing as I’ve realised that half an hour just isn’t enough time to celebrate bringing new life into the world! So book now if you would like to take advantage of this low price. Get in touch


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