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Baby Photography Bristol - Newborn Photoshoot - Partner isn’t keen? show them this!

Welcoming your new baby into the world is magical but it’s also a whirlwind! There is so much going on when baby is born it’s easy to forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. A wonderful way to do this is with your own newborn photoshoot! A few hours spent fully immersed in that baby love whilst we create images for you to treasure forever, perfect. Want to know one of the biggest hurdles my clients face when booking their session? A reluctant, camera shy partner!

newborn baby sleeps in dads arms

But fear not, I’m hear to help you show your other half what a wonderful experience a newborn photoshoot really is! I’ve reached out to some of my lovely past clients and asked them to talk honestly about their session with me. Please may I introduce, Dom, David, Raplh, Emlyn and Dominic.

What was your first thought when your partner suggested having a portrait session? Be honest! Completely honest!

Dom - Expensive for photos we could ask family to take

Dave - A great idea!

Emlyn - Hmm not sure I like staged photos.

Dominic - "Oh more money" was my first thought and it's a lovely idea but worried about how much it was going to cost.

Raplh - I wasn’t nervous about the session but I was wondering about how I would need to pose for photos etc. However, your approach is so natural that I just acted like myself.

young couple with newborn baby in long grass

What were you nervous about before our newborn photoshoot? And did I help ease those nerves at all?

Dom - Getting some good shots of us all. And definitely - you made us feel very comfortable, all the settings were very natural and you were very patient throughout

Emlyn - Slightly worried that our son might not take too kindly to the shoot. But, Sarah was very good at making him feel like we weren't doing anything out of the ordinary and chatted to him throughout. So he was really at ease with it.

Dominic - Nothing but I hate having my photo taken and just didn't want to be loads of shots but Sarah helped to ease this by taking photos naturally not posed and whilst we was all playing and chatting.

family with young son and newborn daughter play in garden

How did you find the experience?

Dave - Very relaxed, quick and efficient to get the shot (without us even realising).

Emlyn - It was really great. It felt really relaxed, more like we were just having a chat with a friend.

Ralph - Very easy and relaxed.

young family laugh whilst trying to control two dogs

What was the biggest surprise?

Dom - Images were lovely and the session wasn't too long.

Dave - The difficulty we had to pick the photos!

Emlyn - That our son seemed to play up to the cameras, as opposed to going against it all.

mum and dad smiling with sleeping newborn baby

Are you glad you have these images now? And why?

Dom - Yes very - I underestimated the difference between standard phone pics Vs professional

Dave - Lovely memories and Joey is changing all the time so it’s great to have the photos to look back on.

Emlyn - Really glad to have some natural, unstaged photos where our son is captured looking so pleased with his little sister. I've not managed to get a shot of the two of them in that way.

Dominic - They are really nice photos and they are so natural and captured our everyday life.

Raplh - Yes, it’s great to have images captured of the three of us as it tends to be either me or Autumn taking pictures with Miles so one of us is always left out.

dad strokes sleeping baby head

If you were going to recommend me to a friend, what would be the main reason?

Dom - Beautiful photos for capturing memories that you would otherwise miss out on.

Dave - Everything! Quality service and lovely photos.

Emlyn - Really easy going and relaxing presence. Not pretentious or pressuring in any way.

Dominic - Quality of photos and service provided.

Raplh - Your natural approach.

newborn baby laying on dads lap

I just want to say a massive thank you to all these lovely Dads for answering these questions. And thank you to their other halves for getting them to do their homework!!

A newborn photoshoot with me is a very laid back experience. My main goal for the session itself is that everyone has a good time, that everyone is comfortable. That we all remember we are here to celebrate your wonderful new baby! Then I can deliver you images which will perfectly capture the love of your growing family.

family with young son and newborn daughter talking

So once you’re partner has read this and seen I am not some scary monster who’s expecting him to work it like Naomi Campbell, drop me a message! We can arrange a chat on the phone all together and you can both ask me every question you might have.

Don’t forget you can head over to my instagram to really get to know all about how I work.

father cuddles sleeping baby into chest


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