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Breastfeeding Portrait, Abergavenny South Wales.

Eleanor & Huw

"My experience of breastfeeding Huw has fallen into two camps. There are the countless times whilst he’s been unwell, unhappy or unsettled that breastfeeding has been a quick and simple soothing solution that has settled us both. Then there is the ‘other side’. I’m not quite sure how to define it other than a shared connection. Breastfeeding has given me a connection with a wonderful group of women I am lucky to call my friends. It’s give me a treasured time spent with my sister as we both sat breastfeeding our newborns. It’s given me a connection with my mother as she handed advice and support along the way. Even further than that there’s the approving nod of the grandmother in the cafe or the knowing smile of another mother as she quickly pops her baby on whilst cutting her toddlers food and answering her phone (my multitasking has improved since being a parent!!)

For me breastfeeding is a privilege, it has enriched both mine and my children’s lives beyond the nourishment it gives. It is a unique and wonderful gift that we as women are bestowed. It is a personal choice and journey, each one unique. Breastfeeding feeding is powerful, strong and beautiful. Women are powerful, strong and beautiful.

I am thankful I have been able to enjoy this experience for so long."

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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