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Breastfeeding Portrait, Monmouth, South Wales.

Ayesha and Maya

"I have exclusively breastfed all three of my children until at least 6months. And I’m hope to breastfeed my youngest for as long as possible. Breastfeeding has always come quite naturally to me and the only pain and discomfort I have experienced is the four days after birth. When your breasts suddenly have a hungry baby attached to them 24/7 I found my nipples would get red raw and very sore and I would grit my teeth every time she latched on. After the fourth day though they settled down and I haven’t experienced any discomfort. I can literally feel myself becoming happier when I breastfeed. When woman breastfeed you get a chemical rush in your brain called serotonin which is basically your love drug and it helps with bonding it’s your baby and also the baby blues: I haven’t experienced postnatal depression and I truly believe it’s because I breastfeed so it keeps my hormones under control. I love true closeness and bond I feel with my babies."

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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