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Breastfeeding Portrait, Monmouth, South Wales.

Rebecca, Amelie & Toby

"Breastfeeding is so special to me. I was breastfed by my Mum and I've always known it as the normal way to feed babies, so it was very important for me to breastfeed my own. It took a while to get things right with my daughter but once we had the latch right we were flying. When it came to feeding my son, I felt far more confident with it. I quickly learnt that he needed to feed in a different position which took a bit of getting used to.

I feel very proud to have fed them myself and remember how amazing it feels to know that all of their weight gain and health is purely down to me. It's just amazing.

I'm proud to feed in public too and hope that I have helped to normalise it just a tiny bit, even just within my family. My 3 year old niece recently laughed and said "he's eating you!"

I will always remember the kind people who have helped me by offering me a glass of water or getting my cutlery in a cafe when I've rushed in to feed a bawling baby. One time I had been feeding my son in a cafe when an elderly gentleman came over to me and said how wonderful it was to see me breastfeeding and how his wife had fed their children too. He told me not to listen if anyone ever said anything against it as it was the most natural thing in the world. It was so endearing and it brings a tear to my eye now!

For each of my children I will remember special things. I loved the way my daughter fed in an upright nurturing position, especially when she was tiny and my son likes to rub the skin on my forearm between his fingers and thumb as he falls asleep. ❤ Breastfeeding might not always be easy but I know it is the best for us. I think it's just wonderful!!"

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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