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Breastfeeding Portrait, Raglan, South Wales.

Suzanne & Eli

“My breastfeeding journey has now spanned four children and I feel very honoured to have that experience. It is a journey and like any journey in life, it has had it’s ups and downs but ultimately I have experienced such beautiful, cherished moments with my little ones. Now as I mentioned before I have had downs too and I try to keep it real. I have had soreness, biting when teeth come in, latching difficulties but I can honestly say that coming through those times and persevering, for me, was worth it. Why? Because of many reasons, those special moments when I come together with my child during feeding are so magical to me. I am providing a nutritious, tailor made food to my child that warmth and nurturing time. My child can reconnect with me listening to my heartbeat that they are used to hearing in the womb, we can share loving looks with each other as my baby smooths my skin in comfort. The rest of the world can stop in that moment and it’s just us further strengthening a special connection and bond.”

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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