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Breastfeeding Portrait, Ross - on - Wye

Carrie and Alice

"I had my heart set on breastfeeding through my whole pregnancy but wasn't confident that I would succeed, i was advised by my midwife to take formula to the hospital with me incase I couldn't breast feed. 2 weeks before Alice was born I actually took the formula out of the bag incase I was tempted to give up too soon. Imagine my delight when she was born and latched herself straight onto me! This is where our journey began. Alice is 6 months old next week and has been exclusively breast fed every day of her life? That makes me so proud of us both. There are a lot of horror stories out there about breastfeeding which I think is why some ladies don't even try, don't get me wrong there have been days when I've been stuck to the sofa cluster feeding and doubted myself but I once read never to give up on a bad day and that's got me through them."

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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