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Commercial Photography South Wales - Business Photography - Pep Midwives Abergavenny

The images I’m about to share with you are from the cutest commercial session I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! Kate from the Abergavenny based business, Pep Midwives invited me along to their baby massage class to capture lots of business photography to use in their marketing efforts.

As I said this class was intensely cute, surround by 12 tiny babies and their loving Mums was almost too much to handle! As I expressed how broody all these babes were making me, Kate gently reminded me that at 6 months pregnant it wouldn’t be long till it was my turn for another baby! Somehow in between the cooing and smiling at babies I did manage to remember why I was actually there, business photography!

At the beginning of the class Kate introduced me to all the Mums, several of them I already knew as I had had the pleasure of capturing their babies newborn photos! Small world hey? We had a little chat and I asked all the Mums to ignore me, pretend I wasn’t there and just go on enjoying the class as they usually would. With this business photography I wanted to capture the true essence of this class. The sense of friendship between the Mums, the friendly nature of Kate and the enjoyment of the babies too! The class really is lovely any new Mum would be glad to be a part of this welcoming little community and I feel this business photography really capture all of that. So now when a new Mum is scrolling through social media looking for somewhere to meet other Mums she will see these welcoming images and know immediately that this is the place for her.

This unobtrusive way of creating business photography of a class not only means you have impactful scroll stopping images but it means as a business owner you have enough content to pull from to last you for MONTHS! You’ll never be wondering where your next post is coming from, no fear of having to use the same photo over and over again and you can say goodbye to boring stock images that never felt quite right for you! All you need to do is write the caption!

My business photography clients often tell me that their favourite thing about hiring me is how easy it all is! If they have booked me to cover one of their classes or sessions they can breathe easy knowing content creation is now out of their hands. They can just get on with what they enjoy doing, the reason they started the business in the first place, serving their clients! Leave the business photography to me!

Here’s a little something Kate had to say about having her business photography created with me, “We absolutely loved having Sarah along to shoot our Baby Massage classes. The photos are incredible and Sarah is the most unobtrusive, accommodating photographer ever.”

If you would like to talk about creating business photography for your small business please get in touch here.

As well as one off session I also offer subscription sessions to a handful of clients, head to this blog to see what Primal Fitness Hub think about having regular business photography sessions with me.

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