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Commercial Photography South Wales - Headshot Photoshoot in Abergavenny - Kate

Who ever said headshot photography had to be boring, stiff posing in front of a white backdrop? This headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny will show you just how much better a pop of colour and personality can make your headshots! Please enjoy this session with Kate, ready to show up for her clients with eye catching headshots.

Kate runs a wonderful business here in Abergavenny called Pep Midwives, her goal it is to support Mothers throughout their pregnancy. I’ve had the pleasure of having her be a positive part in my own pregnancy. Kates work is so very important and to make sure she can help as many Mothers as possible she knows she has to be present with her marketing. She does a fabulous job with the information she shares with her audience but she also knew that to really step things up she needed to be able to have her audience really get to know her. So despite the nerves she felt about being in front of a camera she reached out to arrange her headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny.

One of the services Kate offers to Mothers is a weekly walk starting in Linda Vista Gardens. A great chance for Mums to get out in some fresh air whilst making friends with other local Mums. This is why we chose to have her headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny take place in those beautiful gardens where she so often gathers Mothers together.

Before our headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny Kate told me how uncomfortable she felt having her photo taken. She worried if she would be too awkward in front of my camera. Yet it wasn’t long into our session that we were joking, chatting and Kate seemed to completely forget the camera was there at all!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kate over the past few months and something that has always struck me is how she’s always smiling, always laughing. She has such a warm and friendly smile that I’m sure she has used to put many pregnant women at ease over the years. I felt it was important to really capture that genuine smile during this headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny.

Headshots are a must have for anyone wanting to stand out in the busy online world. And no. iPhone selfies do not count! Time to take you and your business seriously and book your headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny!

This is my second session for Kate and the PEP Midwives. I also had the broody pleasure of capturing one of their soothing baby massage classes. To see how that session went click here.

If you are ready to step up your headshots and make an impactful first impression get in touch to arrange your headshot photoshoot in Abergavenny or beyond by clicking here.

You can always find me over on Instagram where my inbox is always open even if it’s just to connect with other small local businesses. We’re in this together! Come say hi.

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