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Commercial Photography South Wales - Marketing for Yoga Teachers - Sam Williams Yoga

This week we’re talking about marketing for yoga teachers, specially for this lovely yoga teacher, Sam Williams. Sam was looking to make her content creation process effortless as well as have images which really shared her message. I don’t mind telling you that we NAILED it!

personal branding small business south wales

Before our session I sent Sam the branding questionnaire I send to all my clients. Questions to get them thinking about their unique selling point, their brand values, who their ideal client is and much more. This is so I can craft a session perfectly to create images which will speak directly to their ideal clients! This gives me such a great insight into helping with marketing for yoga teachers…but more on that in a bit.

woman smiling sunglasses south wales

Sam warned me before our session how camera shy she was and how nervous she was about this experience. I’m thrilled that she was able to be so brave and that she trusted me to help her through this! The shoot itself was fab, we chatted the whole time, really getting to know each other and having a good old giggle too! And Sam was a pro in front of the camera! Now I’m not one to toot my own horn very much but it’s clear as always that my strange super power is being able to make people comfortable in front of a camera! Not sure how it works but it does, people are petrified of having their picture but in no time at all I’ve got them to forget that there’s a camera there at all!

woman sitting on bench personal branding

Our shoot began at 7am in Chepstow, I must admit I was a little bleary eyed when I got to our location but the gorgeous sunlight, breeze from the river soon revived me. You’d have never known that the spot we chose was littered with abandoned beer cans from the local pub!! Shows you that with the help from a professional you can elevate marketing for yoga teachers in any location!

commercial photography south wales headshot

Back to Sams ideal client and why knowing this stuff is so important for marketing for yoga teachers. Sam wanted to speak to busy Mum of young children, women who are probably living through a very hectic chapter of their lives. Juggling school commitments, work responsibilities, running a household and all the other chaos that life as a woman throws at us. Sams aim with her yoga is bring these women a moment of calm and space to allow themselves to find peace. I wanted to create images that captured a scene that Sams ideal client would resonate with…

small business personal branding south wales

The school run! But more specifically the moments post school run. You’ve managed to herd the kids out of the house, got them to school on time and now after the morning madness you want a moment to breath. So we had Sam come along with a brew in her travel mug, dressed as she would be for school drop off and I we got snapping.

personal branding headshot yoga woman

As I mentioned Sam wants to bring calm to these women and for me there’s nothing as calming as watching rivers, lakes, the sea. Water basically. So after our first location we headed to a second near water.

woman stretching yoga hands
woman yoga pose smiling nature

This is wear Sam really came into her element. She threw down her yoga mat and got to some gorgeous yoga flows. I asked to forget I was there and just move her body however she was inspired too. I ran around shooting from all angles, getting a huge variety of shots including lots of detail shots of Sams hands. We created so many beautiful, serene shots with the sun kissing Sams face perfectly. BUT. My favourite shot has to be the one below. Sam ‘flipping the bird’ we call this one, “screw you 2020!!!”

funny woman yoga nature water

Think we can all relate to that feeling right?!

Marketing for yoga teachers can be hard, consistently creating content is a drain, creatively, physically, mentally and not to mention the time drain it can be! So it thrills me beyond belief to be able to say that in just one morning of shooting with Sam, I was able to provide her with enough images to post for a YEAR!!

smiling woman meditate in nature
yoga chest opener nature south wales

I’m also beyond happy to report that Sam was thrilled with her images. This was huge as she really was so nervous about creating these images. Please enjoy a snippet from the thread of messages I got from Sam after I sent her her gallery of images.

“Sarah…I’m overwhelmed!” “I’ve laughed and cried through those! What a f***ing amazing lot of photos I have.” “I can’t thank you enough…” “Thank you for making me so comfortable and hearing what I wanted!!”

woman meditating in nature black and white

warrior pose under bridge bristol
yoga hands grounding grass
woman meditate on rocks by water
redhead woman yoga on rocks
yoga under bridge south wales chepstow

If you would love to keep reading about how I help other small businesses with their digital marketing then you absolutely have to go check out this blog with Primal Fitness Hub.

Ready to have a chat about your marketing for yoga teachers? Then drop me a message with any and all of your questions.

And if you want to see all the behind the scenes from shoots, edits and everyday life of juggling running my business whilst raising my son then come find me on Instagram!


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