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Commercial Photography South Wales - Personal Branding Photography - Monmouth Photoshoot

Finding yourself and feeling secure enough in who you are to stand proud and present is one hell of a thing to achieve. Sally Saint of Wise Woman Guide is a woman who has done just that. And I am thrilled that she hired me for her personal branding photography to celebrate the journey she has been on. It is genuinely thrilling to me that she trusted me to capture her essence so that she could showcase it to the world through her work. Please enjoy the personal branding photography we captured at sunset high above Monmouth.

When a client hires me for their personal branding photography we begin our working relationship with an online consultation. In this meeting we work together to find the message they are looking to convey to their audience and how we can capture this with our imagery. So after learning about Sallys business it made perfect sense to choose a setting filled with the beauty of the great outdoors.

Our choice of location for our personal branding photography session was simply breath taking! Meandering at sunset through The Kymin, looking down at Monmouth nestled gently in the surrounding green hills. The perfect energy for Sallys work, we couldn’t have wished for anything better!

It’s always a real pleasure working with other women in business for personal branding photography sessions and Sally did not disappoint. We were so enthralled in various conversations, so much so that I had to remind myself to get photographing and not just chatting! I was struck by Sallys confidence and her openness, sharing with me the journey she has taken as a woman which has led her to a place now of calm and happiness. I remember her telling me how she works to surround herself with women who excite her. Women older than herself who live wonderfully full lives and show her that the best is still to come. This of course is the foundation of a lot of Sallys work and it is truly inspiring!

Sally was simply a breeze to photograph, she needed very little direction at all and with all our fun conversations she was always sharing a lovely warm smile. I think my favourite image from the personal branding photography session was one where I asked her to sit with a vibrant patch of bluebells behind her. She lit up this shady spot with that illuminating smile!

Here’s what Sally had to say about her personal branding photography session with me:

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