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Commercial Photography South Wales - Personal Branding Photoshoot - Sunset Mountaintop Yoga

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Prepare to have your mind blown with the images we created on Sarahs personal branding photoshoot! Honestly, I was overwhelmed by these shots during the edit, I could not contain my excitement! I’ve been itching to share these all over the place and I’m excited to finally be able to! So without further ado let’s get scrolling!

Before our session Sarah and I met for a casual chat about her personal branding photoshoot. I do this with all my commercial photography clients, I want to get to know the ins and outs of your business, service or product. To understand your vision, your message and who you are trying to reach. So we can craft images that capture it all and make a huge impact with your clients.

Sarah told me about the new direction she was taking in her yoga business and the reasoning behind it. It was amazing to hear her speak with such deep passion for what she was doing. I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky her clients were because Sarah was going to help transform them and rediscover their power. I knew that when it was time for the personal branding photoshoot it would be easy to capture the passion she was putting out into the world!

Some of the words Sarah gave me to work with were, raw, movement and wild, I knew just where to shoot. We met at Keepers Pond just before sunset, a stunning location. The rugged mountains, deep colours and wide open space fit the bill just right. And as an added bonus a small team (I googled, this is the correct term for a group of horses!) a small team of wild horses graced us with their presence!

Most of the horses were happy to be involved in our personal branding photoshoot, standing elegantly behind Sarah as we shot. One horse however did express his dislike by having a big wee right in shot as we worked. I am happy to report I caught the moment on camera and it’s one of my favourite shots of the evening! hahaha

Sarah is introducing a lot more movement to her practices now. Moving your body in a totally uninhibited and free way. We got the music playing and she just let her body do what felt right. As she danced I ran around her in every which direction, shooting high and low to capture the energy she was putting out into the world. What we captured perfectly encompassed Sarahs three magic words, raw, movement, wild. I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Shooting at sunset is always my favourite time to shoot, and this next series of images should show you just why. Look at that light! Soft and even, I had Sarah sit on a bench whilst I squatted down low, shooting up so I could place the sun directly behind her. See how it makes her outline glow? Heaven!

It wasn’t just me that went berserk over this personal branding photoshoot, I want to share with you just one of the messages I got from Sarah when she first saw her gallery.

“My heart is bursting to release these photos…you’ve done an incredible job with them. My best mate just text me and said ‘I think she’s captured your soul.’”

The feedback from Sarahs social media following has been wonderful too. You just have to take a look at her comments and their full of praise and lots of heart emojis too!

I honestly cannot stress how amazing this session was and how in love with these images I am. It’s an honour to help other wonderful, driven women reach their dreams and goals. Just want to say thank you to Sarah for choosing me to help her with her vision!

A note from Sarah Jones:

"Sarah is a rare gem of a photographer. I wanted the shots to reflect a sense of earthiness, movement and fun and she totally got it, shot it and man did we laugh up on that mountain. I love my photos. They are exactly how I envisioned them and I still get a flutter of excitement everyone I post one out. If you are looking for someone to listen, really listen to you vision and then bring it to life, Sarah Haile is your person. I whole heartedly recommend her."

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For more information on my personal branding/commercial services head here or drop me a message.


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