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Commercial Photography South Wales - Small Business Marketing - Primal Fitness Hub

Updated: May 4, 2020

This is a post which is a long time coming and I’m so excited to share this story with you! Emma and Liam of Primal Fitness Hub have very kindly shared how I have been able to help with their successful small business marketing.

small business marketing. three women during a fitness class
Three of the Primal Fit ladies smashing their work out

What made you decide you to hire a professional to create your marketing and branding images?

We do our marketing ourself and before Sarah we used to struggle with consistency. The key to a successful marketing campaign is consistency. The reason why we struggled was because we didn’t have the time or the expertise to give us the content to market. We were too busy working on other parts of the business to have the time to take photos and when we did they wouldn’t portray what we wanted. So we decided to hire Sarah so we had a constant stream of amazing photos that we could have access to for our website and our social media platforms. Which has helped massively towards gaining new clients.

small business marketing personal trainer performing a deadlift
Co-founder of Primal Fitness Hub, Emma deadlifting.

Has having high quality images and video helped set you apart in your market?

High quality images and videos capture the eye and when the eye is captured you have the opportunity to sell your product. It has definitely set us apart in our market because people get an insight into what is going on in our gym from the equipment we use, the emotions we and our clients portray, the exercises we do and the overall vibe. We don’t see other gyms doing this and if they do it’s not consistent. Consistency is key!!!

small business marketing personal trainer pull up
Co-founder Liam, 'monkey-ing around'

What has been the biggest benefit of outsourcing part of your content creation?

I’m going to say the C word again... consistency. Having Sarah come multiple times a month to shoot enables us to show the community photos that are up to date...not photos that were taken a few years ago. We also never worry about marketing now or our social media, that worry has completely gone because we know at the end of the day we’ve got these amazing photos so anything we say with them is just a bonus.

small business marketing mauy thai punch
Perfect timing! Mauy Thai class.

Can you tell us a little about the videos created for your business?

We asked for videos that would capture the personality and main substance of what we offer as a company.

We wanted to show our personalities, our facility and the products we offer. We’ve done multiple videos with Sarah... as we’re always growing and changing as a business and we’ve loved every single one.

small business marketing personal trainer headshot
Emma modelling the gyms merchandise.

And finally how have you found the experience working with Sarah?


If we can’t think of how to show something either through photos or videos Sarah ALWAYS has the creative answer... or if we have an idea that’s a bit out of the box she NEVER says no!!

We love working with Sarah so much because it’s just like having fun with a friend she makes us feel totally relaxed. We trust her completely as we feel she knows our brand values to a tea and we don’t want to imagine our business without her now. Thanks Sarah

It’s been such a pleasure working with Emma and Liam over the years. Getting to see their business go from strength to strength is so exciting and it’s wonderful to know my images have a small part to play in that.

small business marketing fitness class lifting
Liam teaching his class how to perform a lift.

I’m passionate about helping fellow small business chase their dreams and build their empires. If you are ready to take your business to the next level then visit my commercial photography services.

Visit Emma and Liams website to see their wonderful approach to fitness as well as the work we have created together.


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