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Commercial Photography South Wales - Small Business Photography - Pontypool

On the blog today we have Charli of Blossom Massage based in Pontypool. The lovely Charli reached out to me to help her marketing efforts with professional small business photography. We worked together to craft her vision and I don’t mind telling you that as a team, we knocked it out the park! So let’s dive into just some of the 100+ images we captured during our session together!

The plan for this small business photography session was to show shots of Charli working her soothing massage magic on a couple of willing clients/models. But before we had anyone else enter the space we gave ourselves time to catch a few essential shots, the headshots! I know most people cringe at the thought of having headshots created, images where the focus is entirely upon THEM. I can tell you Charli was no different but she did so well! I gave just the smallest of directions when she told me she felt awkward and we easily captured these lovely warm photos capturing Charlis welcoming smile. I know it can feel hard to be directly in front of someones lens but I cannot stress just how important these images are. A great way to build trust with potential clients is to let them get to know you and the very first step of that is showing your face. Don’t hide from the camera!

Then it was time to bring in the models for our small business photography session. First up we have a lovely client of Charlis who was into the third trimester of her pregnancy during this session. Which means one thing, lovely bump shots! Charli got to massaging her client whilst I zipped around with my camera as quietly as possible so as not to ruin the wonderfully serene vibe Charli had created. We told the whole client journey from Charlis client arriving for her consult right up to finishing her massage with a calming eye pillow placed gently by Charli. I have to say that I was pretty envious watching all this as I myself was 36 weeks pregnant at the time of shooting this small business photography session!

For Charlis next client I focused in on lots of detail shots as this was something Charli had specifically requested during our small business photography consult. I have to say that these are some of my favourite images from the session. I focused in so closely to the work Charlis hands were doing that the images have a shallow depth of field creating this blurry, dream like quality. Perfect for capturing the relaxing energy Charli creates for her clients. Another favourite thing about these small business photography shots is that they will be incredibly versatile for Charlis marketing efforts. She will have more than enough images now to easily create a years worth of content! How many small business owners can say that?!

The final aim of Charlis small business photography session was to show how her pre natal clients can come to enjoy her services without the worry of childcare! Which is a struggle any new Mum will be able to relate to. And don’t forget that one of the biggest things you should be sharing with your clients is how you solve their problems! Desperately need some self care time but don’t have time with your new baby? No worries, Charli can fix that!

When clients book a small business photography session with me, they receive a thorough questionnaire all about their business and their clients so that I can get into the mind of their ideal clients and find ways we can create images that speak directly to THEM. I’m sure you can understand just how powerful your images can be when created with this method at the forefront!

As always it was an utter pleasure working with Charli to provide her with her small business photography. Nothing brings me more joy than playing a part in a small businesses success and growth! If you would like to see another small business photography session then check out this blog with Rebel Heart Movement.

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