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Family Photographer South Wales - 5 Reasons You Should Have Your Family Photoshoot - Stop putting i

We’ve all seen those people on social who always seem to have those stunning photos of their families. Everyones in the picture, everyone looks so happy and you have to admit you feel a little jealous! You are not alone and I’m glad to say that I’m hear to help you fix that. You might have wanted to have your own family photoshoot for forever but keep putting it off. Well here’s your nudge to get you finally booking a family photoshoot and making memories you will cherish forever!

1. Children grow so fast!

Being a parent is all about those bittersweet milestones our kids reach. It’s wonderful to see them thrive and come into their own but it does have that tang of sadness, they really do grow so fast! If only there was a way to slow it down and enjoy how your family is right in this moment. …..oh yeah that’s exactly what you can do with a family photoshoot! Images that capture the personality of your children and the bond you all share. Celebrating how you all are at this moment in time before your children grow even more and then being able to enjoy it forever.

2. A Family Photoshoot is fun!

I know this one might seem like a stretch when most of us think of having a family photoshoot as an excruciating hour of standing in a sterile studio and trying to hold a frozen smile. But please shake that image out of your mind, a session with me looks nothing like that! Sessions happen wherever you can dream, choose your favourite spot in the woods for family walks, the park your kids are forever asking to visit, the comfort of your own home. Then we just let it all flow, let the kids be themselves, let them play, meanwhile you can cuddle up with your partner whilst you both soak it all up. It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours reconnecting as a family and of course you have the photos to remind you of a special day you spent together.

3. Everyone is included.

It’s a very safe bet to say that you probably have a phone FULL of photos of your kids, some of your partner and the kids and maybe a few quick selfies with you and the kids too. Let me tell you that whenever I ask my clients what is your absolute MUST HAVE shot they always tell me, a nice one of us ALL. TOGETHER! Have a quick think, how many photos do you have which includes you all? Book your family photoshoot and you can have an album full of them!

4. Share the love.

A family photoshoot isn’t just for you you know! It’s for everyone you hold near and dear. Create beautiful images to share with family and friends so they can enjoy them too. I can tell you for a FACT that there’s nothing that gives grandparents in particular more delight than beautiful portraits of their children and grandchildren. Top tip for you too, get them printed and you’ve got easy gift ideas sorted!

5. Celebrate every chapter of life.

It’s a no brainer to most to book a newborn portrait session but how many of us then think to book a regular family photoshoot after that? I get it, welcoming a new baby into the world is one hell of a time to document but the celebrating shouldn’t stop there. Every year with children brings new joys, they grow, they learn, your relationship deepens and it’s all worth honouring and remembering!

I know that a full family photoshoot every year might feel like a bit of a stretch which is one of the reasons I hold mini sessions every year! So if you want to know more about those please take a look here.

If you want to know a little more about having a family photoshoot with me then please drop me a message.

To see lots more of my work and what I’m all about, come say hi over on Instagram.


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