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Family Photographer South Wales - Child Photoshoot - Super Hero Photos

Say hello to Joey, a live wire little boy who is a well seasoned pro at a child photoshoot, this is not the first time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing him. This time Joeys Mum Katie got in touch with me to book a mini session to photograph Joey in Abergavenny ahead of his super hero themed birthday party. She had a wonderful vision of having him dress up in his favourite superhero capes to have images to use for his invites. It’s safe to say he was very happy with the outcome!

Before we reveal Joey in his various alter egos I want to share a few other images from this child photoshoot. Katie invited along her Grandparents to the session who have a very loving and special relationship with Joey. She asked if we could capture some images to start of Joey with his beloved Grandparents and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I’ve recently had several session where Grandparents were a big part of the session. I cannot express to you how special it is to create these kinds of images!

Personally I find myself always in awe watching my own parents with my son, it’s a connection like no other and it feels so beautiful to witness. Seeing the child you are raising bonding with the people who raised you is incredible and we absolutely should be creating images with capture all of that!

During the first part of this child photoshoot we caught lots of images of Joey embracing his great grandparents and playing all kinds of games. My personal favourites are of Joey playing with the flowers and dandelions that were in abundant supply. Of course every child delights in the simple pleasure of blowing dandelion seeds, Joey had a great time doing this. However we did warn him that he was getting a little too close to the dandelions he was blowing. I think you can see which photo in this series shows that he absolutely got too close and ended up with a mouthful of seeds!

Then came the moment Joey was most looking forward to about our child photoshoot, dressing up! He was so excited to show off all his different capes, demonstrating the powers of each hero. I asked if he could demonstrate some flying by jumping off the garden benches, we got lots of shots of him flying through the air. I must say I was very impressed by his textbook super hero landing.

I myself have my own superhero fanatic son, which certainly came in handy during this child photoshoot. I had the idea that using all of the different capes Joey had we could get him into different superhero poses so that I could stitch all the photos together to create our own ‘Avengers’ photo. I sent this final image to Katie as a little sneak peek before all her images were ready, she was really happy with it and most importantly Joey told her, “I wuv it!” That's All the praise I need!!

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