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Family Photographer South Wales - Family Photos in Monmouth - First Birthday

Happy birthday to Eli! I can’t believe this lovely little boy is turning one! It seems only yesterday I was with his Mum and Dad capturing their maternity portraits yet here we are capturing his first year family photos in Monmouth! Yet here we are celebrating Elis first trip around the sun on his families beautiful farm.

For these family photos in Monmouth we started in the exact spot where we had created the couples maternity photos just over a year ago. Sheltered in the shade of these lush woods. I can’t think of a much better way to celebrate this incredible milestone for a family, all cuddled up enjoying the moment!

It was in this spot where I captured this photo of Elis huge beaming smile! He really was such a superstar through the whole session with plenty of giggles to share with me! I know teething isn’t fun but I adore seeing Eli grinning away with just those four milk teeth!

Our session took us for a wander around the farm with lots of great chances for family photos in Monmouth. Including posing by the tractor, climbing onto the hay bales and chatting with the pigs! Eli was in his element, which is why it was so easy to capture lots of photos of him with his big smile simply enjoying himself. I love how wonderfully the whole families personality shines through in each of these images.

Some of my favourite images from this session were ones we captured of Eli having cuddles with his Mum and then his Dad. Liam and Emma are such wonderful parents and I feel these family photos in Monmouth captured the incredible bond they share with their little boy. There was a couple of photos we caught of Eli giving his Dad a big kiss. You know the big sloppy open mouth kind that toddlers are so well practiced at? Those certainly made for some fun photos!

The final set of family photos in Monmouth we captured were of the whole family, including Lola the families much loved pooch. Lola had previously been too involved exploring the farm and all it’s exciting smells to get involved in the photos. But I’m so glad we were eventually able to get some photos with her in them too as I know for a fact that Lola and Eli are best of friends!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family so many times over the years and I love love being able to see them grow and evolve with every chapter. Thank you so much to Emma and Liam for letting me be a part of their journey!

Do you want to see the photos we created to welcome the birthday boy into the world? Click here for Elis newborn session all those months ago!

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