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Family Photographer South Wales - Family Photoshoot - A Forest Session

One good thing…the only good thing about lockdown 3.0 is that I’m finally catching up to blogging all of last years photo sessions! We’re nearly there and I’m very happy this month to share this lovely woodland family photoshoot from last autumn!

Family Photographer South Wales family play in forest
family playing in forest baby girl big smile black and white
family smiling in forest autumn with dog children playing

Katie got in touch with me after her friend Vicky shared images from the portrait session I had created for her. She told me how she loved how natural the images felt and wanted to do the same for her family photoshoot, her husband Colin and their children, Xavier and Elowen.

We easily chose this location, a favourite haunt for Katie as well as myself! And boy am I glad we did, this spot is always beautiful and the changing colours of the leaves did not disappoint. I met the family there and we headed into the woods together. I always like to give kids (and grown ups) the chance to settle in before we start a family photoshoot. So I had the family sit together on a blanket just sharing some books together. Once the children were engrossed in the stories I got to snapping these candid images, which I absolutely love!

family photoshoot reading together autumn forest south wales
mum reading picture book to family sat in autumn forest
family playing reading in forest sunny autumn black white
dad reading book to children son on lap in forest

Most of the time children click with me right away and we’re best friends in no time. Xavier needed a little more time. Which is fine I gave him his space. I had to laugh because he would be happily playing with his parents then once he notice I was taking his photo he would pull the most serious face! It was great and led to this series of images where he tired desperately to maintain a serious look but couldn’t help but crack up at his Dad acting the fool behind me!

young boy playing in forest autumn leaves south wales
family photoshoot south wales boy in forest looking serious
family photoshoot south wales boy smiling in forest autumn
dad playing with son in forest climbing onto shoulders
dad playing with smiling son in forest climbing shoulders

I’m happy to report that Elowen was much more obliging to me and my camera. She happily clapped and shouted along with me as I focused in on her during the family photoshoot. Elowen was so full of character and I’ve never met such a loving little girl. Giving me plenty of opportunity to capture images of kisses and cuddles shared with Mummy, Daddy and her doting big brother!

baby girl sitting on forest floor clapping hands sunny
boy kisses baby sister on head black and white forest

Katie sat to feed Elowen so I quietly hovered over capturing some very scenic breastfeeding images. I will never not feel butterflies in my tummy when I see images of children breastfeeding, looking lovingly up at their Mums! Whilst the two shared this serene moment, Colin and Xavier climbed trees, explored muddy puddles and played all kinds of games. I could have used an extra photographer running around to help me capture it all! But I think these images capture the fun spirit between Dad and son!

woman breastfeeding daughter watching husband and son play
motherhood photography south wales baby girl breastfeeding
motherhood photography south wales baby breastfeeding forest

My favourite game played was hide and seek…dinosaur edition! This consisted of everyone having a toy dinosaur to hide for everyone else to find. Xavier LOVED this game and he had me in stitches when he adopted a very efficient and effective technique for hiding his dinosaur. When Mum and Dad turned their back Xavier quickly launched his dino as hard as he could into the trees! It worked very well even though it did mean Dad had the unfortunate task of retrieving said Dino from a spiky holly bush!

boy jumping off tree stump holding mums hand south wales
boy plays with toys with mu min forest lifestyle family photography

This was such a fun family photoshoot and it perfectly illustrated what life is like with two young children. Full of love, laughter and a healthy dose of chaos too! Perfection!!

Want to see the session that prompted Katie to book her family photoshoot with me? Head here.

To talk about your own fun and natural family portraits drop me a message anytime!

Head over to Instagram to see lots of behind the scenes including a glimpse into the life of my own little family!


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