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Family Photographer South Wales - Family Photoshoots in Abergavenny - Mini Session Round Up

I want to take the time to thank all the wonderful families who came out to the mini family photoshoots in Abergavenny. It was so lovely to see you all and celebrate your lovely families with these relaxed and natural family portraits! Also have to say well done to everyone who joined for braving the heat! Luckily all the sessions took place under a shady willow tree but even there we felt like we were melting in the nearly 30 degree heat!

These mini family photoshoots in Abergavenny are always fun to do, a lovely chance to meet new people. People who perhaps have never had a family portrait before and our curious to have a taste of it. It’s also a great chance to reconnect with old clients who perhaps just want a little ‘top up’ from their last full session with me!

I just had to share some of the shots from the sessions because there really were some great memories created. I want to share them because I can’t believe we were able to create these intimate portraits in just 15-30 minutes!!!

The first session of the day was with Bethan and her boys who were just wonderful! Bethan shared with me that she had been nervous due a previous experience she had had trying get family portraits. But a session with me is a quite different to most other family photoshoots in Abergavenny. Sessions with me are very relaxed and always child centred. I believe first in playing with your kids, getting them comfortable and letting them have a good time, the photos follow. This way we always get fun filled images which truly capture your families relationship.

Here’s what Bethan shared with me when she saw her images, “I absolutely love them! I can’t stop looking at them, thank you so much! A much better experience (& outcome!) from a more traditional studio photo shoot!”

Then for the girls, first we have the absolute doll that is Betsy! Such a sweetheart and so playful! It was lovely to follow Betsy around during the family photoshoots in Abergavenny as she played with everything in sight and did some truly top notch exploring. This was my first time getting to meet Betsy and her Mum Hannah and I’m so glad to have had the chance. Their bond was so lovely to see and so playful too, Hannah being able to get the most beautiful smiles and chuckles out of her little girl!

A pair of familiar faces to me were Ffion and Elena. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this family last year when I created Elenas newborn portraits. Where did that year go!! Elena was a little shy at first, this was soon fixed with a bit of bubble blowing from yours truly. The rest of the session was spent with Elena requesting more bubbles and easily finding the bottle whenever I tried to hide it. Perhaps that was a bit of a rookie mistake on my part! But here’s what Ffion said to me after receiving her gallery, “They are lovely, I'm really happy. There a a few that are so similar to pictures from our session with you last year it's amazing, strikingly similar! Amazing to see them side by side.”

Max and Rufus came in with a bang! High energy and full of giggles these two certainly kept me on my toes. There’s nothing I love more than seeing friendship and love between siblings and these boys brought it by the bucket fulls. Between their running and adventuring Mum, Claire, managed to sneak in a couple of cuddles and thankfully I was quick enough with the camera to grab them!

Now for the youngest participant of these family photoshoots in Abergavenny…12 week old Torben! A wonderful way to round out the busy day, a calm, content sleeping babe. You guys know I’m a sucker for newborn portraits so this was such a treat for me. Torben was such a star, he slept the whole way through even as I asked his Mummy, Matlida to move him into different postions. The most chilled baby ever! And I think I spent a great deal of this session just lovingly staring at him!

It really was a wonderful day and I am so thankful for each of you who came along!

There will be more mini family photoshoots in Abergavenny coming this year so if you would like to take part then be sure to join the mailing list by clicking here.

If you’d like to see what a full family portrait session with me is like then check out this blog of one families forest portrait session.

And of course please come over and say hi to me on Instagram!


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