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Family Photographer South Wales - Family Portraits - Woodland Session

I got to meet Joe, Becky, their sweet little Seren and their faithful Lucky in one of my favourite woodland spots. This peaceful wood is just ten minutes from Abergavenny and once I’ve introduced my family portraits clients to it, it quickly becomes a favourite haunt for them too! So time to share the family portraits of this lovely little family.

When we created these family portraits Seren was 22 months old. A wonderful age full of learning and exploration, it’s wonderful as a parent to get to see the world through their eyes. As their walking comes along and their curiosity leads the way it’s safe to say you cannot expect a child of this age to sit still for very long at all. Which some parents are a little worried about when they want to hire a photographer to capture their family portraits. Now if we were confined to a studio setting yes maybe it would be an issue. But we’re not in a studio, we’re in a woodland full of life and new sensations, perfect for any 22 month old. Seren was free to roam, enjoy herself, learn, completely unaware that I was following after her, snapping away.

Giving this much freedom to Seren meant we captured lots of natural family portraits of her explorations. But that didn’t mean we didn’t have a few tricks up our sleeves to entice her to come pose with Mum and Dad. Thankfully there’s few things children seem to love more than a good pine cone and of course our location had plenty of them! We had handfuls of pinecones at the ready to lure Seren back over to Mum and Dad to get plenty of cuddly family portraits.

Another great idea for a family portraits session with little children is to bring along a couple of their favourite toys or books. We can lay out a blanket then use their items to keep them there long enough to grab those family portraits of you all together. That’s exactly what Joe and Becky did by bringing along Serens adorable little camera. I was only slightly intimidated at the competition I faced with Seren behind the lens too! But it did mean we got a lovely set of the family playing together.

Here’s a sweet series of family portraits that I really enjoyed. I encouraged Mum and Dad to hold Serens hands as they helped her walk along a fallen tree trunk. I love the real smiles everyone shares in these photos as Seren relishes in the challenge of walking and balancing. Once the family had walked toward me I chose to get a close up of Seren, her beautiful blue eyes staring right down my lens and we have to acknowledge just how sweet her curly pigtails are too!

Thank you so much to this family for trusting me to create their family portraits, I hope these images bring them joy for years and years! I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about creating your own family portraits, so please drop me a message here.

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