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Family Photographer South Wales - What to Wear to a Photoshoot - How to Decide

Updated: May 23, 2020

Without a doubt the most frequent question I get from my clients is, "what to wear to a photoshoot?" I thought it was about time I put together a few of my helpful tips to help you create the answer to that question...

Comfort The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your outfit for your portrait session is your comfort. Yes you could wear a diamond incrusted leotard and 12 inch heels if that’s your thing but that sounds a little uncomfortable. Wear something that you won’t feel the need to be adjusting throughout the session, wear something that makes you feel good.

What to Wear to a Photoshoot family photographer south wales
Comfy in nice complimenting colours.

ColoursThere’s a few different things to take in to account when deciding what to wear to a photoshoot, like which colours you would like to feature in your portraits. Of course you could go for colours which you simply enjoy wearing and colours you know work well with your skin tone. Or you could dig a little deeper when choosing your palette, think of the symbolism behind colours. For example red evokes passion, orange and yellow bring a youthful joy, green is connected with birth and fertility. Cool tones such as blues, beige and white are consider calm and tranquil where as black is a symbol of power.

What to Wear to a Photoshoot mum and son tickle and laugh
Nice pattern shirt and Mum wears a colour to compliment the print

LocationWhen choosing your wardrobe keep the location of your maternity photoshoot in mind and go for something which will compliment it well. If you’ve chosen a beautiful forest setting perhaps a ethereal flowing dress, giving some serious bohemian vibes. Bookshop, cafe, stroll through town? Maybe something more casual, a simple tea dress or your favourite blouse and jeans. If your session is at home maybe keep it simple and understated, a cozy big knit jumper to capture a warm intimate mood. For a maternity session perhaps bare your bump and go with a nice set of underwear, a great excuse to treat yourself to a little lingerie gift!

What to Wear to a Photoshoot maternity boudoir mum to be bed
Mum to be sporting her husbands shirt for a subtly sexy maternity portrait

PatternsThere’s nothing wrong with a nice print, perhaps a delicate floral or some simple stripes. However it’s best to steer clear of busy, bold prints and it’s never a good idea to wear something with a huge logo or slogan on it.

Co-ordinating If you are bringing along your partner or your children to the shoot it’s important to think carefully about their wardrobe and how all your outfits go together. This doesn’t mean you all have to wear the same thing or the same colour in fact PLEASE don’t do that! It’s so cheesy! An easy way to choose is to put one family member in a print then put every other member in solid colours from that print.

What to Wear to a Photoshoot family toddler hold dad hand
Patterns fitting nicely together

Pamper Not necessarily what to wear to a photoshoot but something to consider is to treat yourself to a little pamper. I find most of the clients who book with me are Mothers or Mothers to be which means you reading this now probably fall into one of those categories. Now being a Mum is amazing, the best job on Earth but as a Mum you rarely make time for yourself, a little self care. So having your portraits captured is a great excuse to book in to your favourite salon and have a little pamper, get your hair done, nails maybe even have your make up done for you. (Here's an idea) After our session why not sort yourself a babysitter, spend the evening out with your partner and rejoice in how gorgeous you feel!?

This family photographer in South Wales and Gloucestershire is taking bookings throughout the year. head to my portfolio to see more of my work.


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