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Family Photography South Wales - Family Photoshoot in Abergavenny - Grandparents Session

This week I’m sharing a lovely family photoshoot in Abergavenny castle with Lena and her doting Grandparents, Granny and Taid. I always say there’s nothing Grandparents love more than receiving beautiful portraits of their Grandchildren but thanks to this session I’ve realised there’s something even better for Grandparents. Having beautiful portraits of themselves WITH their grandchildren, images which capture that special bond between them!

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to photograph Lena several times since she was a tiny baby, it’s been so lovely seeing her grow! This session was a gift from Lenas Mum, Ffion, to the Grandparents for Christmas last year. I can’t think of more special gift than a family photoshoot in Abergavenny to spend time with your granddaughter and then have natural portraits to remember it forever.

We all met for the family photoshoot in Abergavenny castle and at first Lena was a little unsure about the experience. This is completely normal for a lot of children at the beginning of a session. I always recommend that families bring along toys and books to a family photoshoot in Abergavenny. Thankfully Granny was fully prepared with the needed supplies plus lots of soothing cuddles and Taid had plenty of tricks to help Lena crack a smile.

It was so sweet to witness the love and special relationship between them and I think these pictures capture it all perfectly!

Throughout the beginning of the family photoshoot in Abergavenny Lena made us all work for her gorgeous smile. And I’m very thankful that Taid was there to help Lena find the funny side of this woman with a big camera pointed at her! It was whilst I was taking these photos I felt a sudden stuffed panda bear appear on my head, I hadn’t realised Taid had crept up behind me to play peek a boo with Lenas toys! I love this photo of Lena and Granny that I caught during the game, you can clearly see Lena found the game hilarious but was doing her best to hide her smile!

From that point on there were plenty of smiles to be enjoyed including this beaming one of Lena as we headed over to another part of Abergavenny castle!

We found a peaceful spot in the flower garden to share lots of laughs now including panda bear and elephant! By this point of the family photoshoot in Abergavenny everyone was completely at ease and we caught some of my favourite shots with such a pretty backdrop.

As we came to the end of our family photoshoot in Abergavenny I took the family round to the beautiful willow structures of Abergavenny castle. It was then my turn to provide the entertainment and luckily I always carry a few picture books in my camera bag for just this occasion. Safe to say they were a huge hit with Lena and gave us a further opportunity to catch some more intimate moments between her and her Grandparents.

And just when we thought this moment couldn’t be any sweeter I managed to capture the moment Lena realised her Mum had returned to take them all for cake!

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