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Family Photography South Wales - Outdoor Cake Smash - Sienna Turns One

Join me in celebrating the first birthday of the wonderful miss Sienna! With the help of Mum Kamilla, Dad Paul, a generous dose of South Wales sunshine and an even more generous dose of birthday cake we celebrated this little girl turning one. Please enjoy a sneak at this fun outdoor cake smash session!

Before we go into this sunny outdoor cake smash I have to tell you that this family photoshoot has been a LONG time coming! Kamilla first reached out to me to help capture portraits of her pregnancy but thanks to another lockdown I wasn’t able to do that for her. I can’t tell you how heart breaking that was. But thankfully Kamillas sister was on hand to do her best to catch those maternity photos.

With any outdoor cake smash session I like to capture a few fun family portraits before we unleash the cake itself. Paul and Kamillla chose their session to take place by a scenic lake near their home, the same spot they were able to take some of their own maternity photos way back when. So because of this we decided to start the session by recreating those photos now that Sienna was no longer bump but a full of life toddler!

One of the pregnancy photos the couple showed me was of them hand in hand walking over this colourful bridge. Of course we had to recreate that one of them now leading Sienna across hand in hand. I love love love the photo where Sienna looked back over her shoulder wondering why I wasn’t following the family over the bridge!

We then found a lovely shady spot that I knew would be perfect for our outdoor cake smash. We quickly grabbed a few shots of the family cuddled up together on the blanket before we introduced Sienna to the sugary stuff. It’s very common for children of this age to find it tricky to sit still with their parents during a session and I always enjoy seeing which techniques the parents pull out to encourage some calm. Paul told the classic, Little Red Riding Hood which had Sienna completely enthralled, she was even ready to join in with knocking and clapping. It worked a treat!

Then finally we began the outdoor cake smash! With a quick costume change Sienna was ready to dive into the huge cake! Some children can be a little timid when a outdoor cake smash begins. Unsure why on earth their parents are actually telling them to use their hands to ply and make a huge mess with their food! Thankfully Seinna was not timid, she was quick to get the idea and quickly demolished the cake and she thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it as you can see from her huge beaming smile.

It’s always huge fun at outdoor cake smash for everyone involved not just the children. Sienna was so keen to share her outdoor cake smash joy that she was handing out lots of cake covered cuddles to Mum and Dad. Why should she be the only one full of buttercream and jam, hey?

This really was such a fun outdoor cake smash and a great way for everyone to enjoy celebrating a special birthday!

I have a great blog all about how you can create your own outdoor cake smash whilst avoiding all the usual cliches of a cake smash, just click here.

If you would like to chat about having your own family portrait session and cake smash please drop me an email anytime.

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