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How to take pregnancy photos - Pregnancy Photography Bristol - 5 must have photos

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

“I wish I had some nice photos of me when I was pregnant.” I hear this lament so frequently it’s heart breaking. Want to know what makes it even worse? I’ve said it myself! I didn’t have proper maternity pictures taken, just a few selfies and one of me taken on my husbands phone! I regret it SO much and I’m passionate about making sure other Mums don’t experience this too! Of course I love creating pregnancy photos for Mums but I know that not everyone is ready to hire a professional. That’s fine, BUT PLEASE make sure you document your pregnancy some way! I want to share with you how to take pregnancy photos you REALLY don’t want to forget about.

A blooming Mama.

How to take pregnancy photos maternity boudoir portrait
All smiles for this gorgeous Mum to be!

First photo I want you to think about is of you on your own. Just focus on you because let’s face it, you’re going to find it hard to do that once baby is here! I know you’re probably feeling a little camera shy right now. But trust me despite how swollen and sore you might feel now you’ll look back and this photo and be shocked by how beautiful you are. You’ll think back to the hours you spent rubbing your bump, think of those butterfly kicks and feel so thankful for your body bringing you such love. 

My bump, my bump, my bump…

How to take pregnancy photos Pregnancy Photography Bristol
Hello bump! Goodbye feet! Am I right?

Personally I believe there’s nothing as beautiful as the curve of a pregnant belly. It holds so much magic, a life, a heart beat thriving within you. Your child waiting to meet you.

So why not put bump front and centre, which is where bump usually is right? Bare your bump or wear something tight fitting to really show that wonderful growing contour. Want to know how to take pregnancy photos of just bump? Fill the frame with bump and take a few photos from different angles, I’m a big fan of taking a photo up high, looking down on your belly. A sight you’ll miss once baby arrives.

Your first born.

How to take pregnancy photos big brother cuddle bump
Nothing like brotherly love.

An absolute MUST is a bump portrait with baby’s future best friend. This could be their big sister, brother, dog or cat! The bond baby will share with your first born (human or pet) will be incredible, so make sure you document where it all began. Big brother sharing his favourite toy with bump, big sister reading baby a story, cuddles with the dog and maybe a cat sat uninterested in the background. Cats right?!

How to take pregnancy photos mum to be pet cat south wales
Ah pussy cat, if only you knew what was to come!

Couldn’t do it without you.

Pregnancy is wonderful, there’s no denying that it is such a blessing that so many dream of. Be grateful, but also feel free to say, “bloody hell, I’m tired.” It’s hard going sometimes, mentally and physically. I know I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I did without the support of my lovely husband.

How to take pregnancy photos husband and wife maternity
Sharing the love!

Having someone to share this time with, makes pregnancy all the more exciting! To have someone to remind you how beautiful you are, to bring you chocolate when you feel down and to help you put your shoes on when you can’t see your feet let alone reach them! Whoever you have by your side during pregnancy, your partner, your parent, your best friend, create some photos with them included. Let them know how important they are and how big a role they’ve played in this journey.

How to take pregnancy photos, a silhouette.

How to take pregnancy photos maternity portrait abergavenny
Such a striking pregnancy photo to create!

Now this is a shot I ADORE and I try to get in every single session. There’s no better way to show your lovely curves than with a silhouette portrait. I love them and it’s my most requested shot once a client has looked through my portfolio.

So I INSIST you add it to your checklist! They’re not that hard to create, in fact, I’ll put together a step by step guide on how you can create these on your phone very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Want to know more?

Now you’ve read this handy little checklist I hope you go out there and create some. If you do please tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see them too! Want to read more about how to take pregnancy photos? Then head to this post about taking your maternity photos at home. Want to experience your own bespoke maternity portrait session with me? Then get in touch to find out about the difference packages I have to offer. Let’s create some magic together!


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