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Lifestyle Family Photographer South Wales - Outdoor Family Photos - A Playful Sister and Brother

This week I’m bringing you a very playful session with these fun outdoor family photos! Helen got in touch with last year wanting to book a session as a surprise present for her brother. I thought that was so much fun and I still can’t quite believe she managed to keep her niece and newphew, Sam and Neive, quite about the whole thing too!

young brother and sister laugh hug sat on log

Helen, her Mother, Sam and Neive met me at their friends remote fields right by the rushing River Usk. It was a gorgeous afternoon, the air was crisp but the warm light from the slowly setting sun warmed us right up. We made our way through the plentiful mud, much to Sams delight, and we found ourselves right alongside the water.

black and white young brother and sister laugh hug sat on log

Before creating any outdoor family photos I like to start my session with kids sitting down with me. So I asked Neive and Sam to sit with me in the grass and have a little chat. I discovered that Sam is passionate about dinosaurs and he was pretty pleased to find out that, thanks to my own dinosaur crazy son, I had a good bit of dino chat up my sleeves! All the while Neive rolled her eyes and joked as every girl should when dealing with their little brother! It was a great way to start our session, a chance for the kids to see that this was going to be fun and they could see me as a friend. This was something they really took to heart….

black and white close up of girls face
black and white close up of boys smiling face

It wasn’t long before we were running full speed around the fields, playing tag, what time is it mr wolf, stuck in the mud and so many other play ground games! And when I say WE I mean WE. I was right in there playing too! Honestly I’m not quite sure how I managed to create these outdoor family photos whilst running around playing with the kids! But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I will match the energy of your kids during a session to be sure I can create images that capture what they’re all about!

boy getting piggy back from big sister running
boy getting piggy back from big sister running playing smile

I really feel like we capture the playful, funny and loving relationship that this brother and sister share. There was one moment where I asked the two to sit on the root of a tree, partly to give me chance to catch my breath. Sam sat at the top and popped his foot up on the root, adopting the stance of a proud grown man surveying his land. This cracked us all up, Neive included, she immediately ruffled his hair laughing and I just thought that it was such a sweet little moment between the two.

sister ruffles brothers hair smiling sat on tree trunk
black and white brother and sister sat on tree trunk

Then the moment of peace was passed and it was back to running at 100mph and having brave sword fights with sticks! It was chaos and I LOVED it! This is exactly why I love bringing a natural approach to outdoor family photos,! Capturing images that feel so authentic, images that truly capture the wonderment of being a kid and the personality of each individual child.

black and white young girl dancing in a field hair flying
brother and sister close up of eyes together

Lots of laughs were had it really was such a fun time and I’m sure Neive and Sam will always think fondly of this afternoon they spent playing so freely together!

black and white sister and brother laughing together outside
brother and sister playing and laughing outdoor
brother sister try not to smile together in field

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