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Lifestyle Family Photography South Wales - Unposed Family Photos - Playful Garden Session

As I write this blog I’m looking out of my window at a gloomy wet November day. So why not think back a few months to when the sun was shining and we were all rocking our impressive heatwave tans?! You in? Great! Here are some sunny unposed family photos of Autumn, Ralph and their son Miles to warm you up!

toddlers feet crawling grass

This session took place a few months ago, the weather was wonderful, clear blue skies all above and the perfect day for hanging out in the garden with this gorgeous family. Let me tell you this session was so casual and relaxed, it really felt like I was just hanging out with my friends in their back garden. We chatted like we’d known each other for years, joking about birth, parenting and the huge cultural shock of moving from Abergavenny to Monmouth…if you know, you know!

toddler sitting with parents in garden
unposed family photos south wales
family laughing sat in garden
toddler looking up at camera sat mums lap
mum and dad holding toddlers feet

This session was my first family session in a few weeks, I’d just come off a run of around 4 newborn sessions and it was a little different! See newborn babies tend to just stay where ever you put them making them rather easy to photograph. Little ones of Miles’ age do not. Miles was crawling at the time of this session and there was no stopping him!

toddler crawling forward parents behind
young boy crawling smiling in garden

But fear not, I’m a roll with the punches kind of girl. So I was soon on my hands and knees too following Miles as he used the lovely open space to test out his top speed. He was having the time of his life, feeling the grass bare knees, spotting fallen leaves and examining every rock within reach. It was lovely to see him explore. This is such a fun age to witness seeing children discovering the world around them. The great thing is that as parents we get the chance to see the world through their fresh eyes once again too! These unposed family photos of Miles free to explore truly capture the essence of that wide eyed wonder!

family laughing with toddler in garden
unposed family photos black and white toddler crawl
close up toddler portrait

In fact this whole session was such a free, fun and casual experience. Everyone felt so comfortable and able to relax that I was able to create images which really show this families playfulness. That’s the joy of lifestyle photography and the unposed family photos we create. They tell a true story of a family, they capture their personalities and are completely unique to them!

dad playing toddler in air
toddler playing mum laughing cuddle
toddler grinning missing teeth

I had such a fun time with this family, they made me so welcomed and I’m so grateful they chose me to help document this part of their lives!

Here’s a note from Autumn, “We missed out on a newborn shoot with our little one so we were really keen to get some photos before he was 1. Sarah was fantastic, the whole experience was totally natural and relaxing. Our son had a great time because Sarah let him take the lead and we absolutely love the photos she’s taken of him- she’s captured his personality perfectly. Thank you so much for producing such gorgeous photos which we can’t

wait to get printed!”

family cuddle close together

Want to see more fun sunny family portraits? Then check out this session which took place last summer in the middle of a fairground!

If you want to stay in touch you can always find me hanging out on Instagram, come say hi!

For more information on creating your own expressive, unposed family photos head over to the family portfolio page!


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