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Lifestyle Newborn Photography South Wales - Meaningful Christmas Gift - Celebrate Together.

mum dad baby smile through window  lockdown 2020

2020…where do we begin? I won’t linger too long on how difficult this year has been for everyone. The hardest part for many of us has been being separated from those we love the most. Families unable to embrace each other, friendships becoming strictly virtual, relationships have been put through so much strain this year. Now as we reconnect with the special people in our lives we want to honour the bonds we share and what we have been through. I’m very excited to offer you the chance to give an incredibly meaningful Christmas gift which documents and celebrates the relationships in your life.

A bespoke, intimate and emotional portrait session!

same sex couple mums to be pregnancy

Now, so often when speaking with my past clients I hear, “oh I STILL haven’t gotten around to printing off any of my gorgeous photos.”

Ah! Breaks my heart! A year on and digital images are just sitting on your phone or your laptop not getting the love they deserve! Well I want to remedy that….I wanted to offer you something a little special this year so I’ve added a few goodies to my usual packages, including physical prints!

newborn baby sleeping in dads arms black and white

A gift from me to you.

Yes, this year not only will you be able to enjoy a collection of beautiful digital images when you book a portrait session with me. But each session comes with a complimentary 10x8 print, for you to either hang in your home or gift to someone you love. This would be a wonderful gift to give to perhaps an elderly relative who has been safe at home, shielding. Let them know that you miss them, give them a meaningful Christmas gift that will be a constant reminder to them that they are not alone through all of this.

family celebrate graduation champagne in forest

But that’s not all, when you book ‘the full’ session I will give you another gift of £100 to spend on digital images after your session! The only complaint I get from my clients is how hard it is to pick just 10 images, well now you can have more! Maybe even your whole album, that’s around 100 digital images!

There will be a link at the end of this blog to see the full details of the sessions available.

Memories to share.

Most us now look through our photos by ourselves just flicking through our phone. That doesn’t sound very romantic does it and it certainly doesn’t ring as being a meaningful Christmas gift. I don’t believe that’s how your portraits should be treated! Instead sit together as a family and look through a physical photo book, share the memories from the day. Reminisce about the funny things that made everyone crack up, like your 3 year old announcing loudly to everyone that they're wrestling a big wedgie (true story). 

I really feel passionately about this so I’m thrilled to say that after your session you have the option of purchasing your own photo book!

christmas photobook boys cuddle meaningful christmas gift

Just recently it was my own Mother in laws birthday, I arranged a sneaky photoshoot of her children and grandchildren then surprised her with a photo book from the session. She was thrilled, thumbing through the pages smiling at her grandsons playing together, tearing up to see her children grown with kids of their own, proud to have a family that love so deeply. She gushed to me about how special this was she told me, “you could spend a fortune on some beautiful piece of platinum jewellery, sure it would look nice. But it wouldn’t mean as much as this does.”

meaningful christmas gift photobook present decorations

See, I really can’t think of a more meaningful Christmas gift, especially after everything we’ve been through in 2020.

This year has taught us a lot, it’s made us realise how precious life is, taught us not to take anything for granted and showed us we must make the most of every day.

young girl smiles into camera cuddle mum

So if you are ready to celebrate the blessings you have and share your meaningful Christmas gift, take a look through the Christmas gift brochure.

If you’d like to get a feel for my work (and who I am) head over Instagram and say Hi!

Want to see what a session with me is like? Head over to this blog.


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