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Lifestyle Photographer South Wales - Photography Gift Card - Mothers Day 2021

Consider this your gentle reminder that Mothers Day is on it’s way, March 14th to be precise. Now the question is what do you get to thank a Mother for the wonderful job she is doing raising littles? How about a bespoke portrait session celebrating her efforts as well as the amazing bond she shares with her child(ren)? Yeah that sounds like a good choice, you’ll be needing a photography gift card from me then! Read on for more information!

husband and wife sitting in garden with newborn daughter

So often as Mums we’re forever taking photos of our children and our partners, but how often is someone taking lovely photos of us and our children? I’m going to guess that’s it’s not very often. Fear not, you are not alone! It’s the number one thing I hear from the Mums I work with. They desperately want photos that their children can look back on, photos that show just how much love they have for those children. Get your photography gift card and give them natural, candid images that perfectly capture whichever season of Motherhood they are in. We’re not in any of the photos because we’re so busy taking them. But we want to have images which we can hold up to our children and jokingly say, “look, I was there too you know!!”

mum laughs carrying baby son wrapped in towel black white
same sex mums cuddling newborn baby girl on sofa

My husband doesn’t think very often to take photos of me and my son. He misses so many of the sweet little moments I would love to remember, like when our son falls asleep on me, when I hold his hands as he paddles in the sea, when we’re cuddle up sharing a book, the list goes on and on and on. In these moments I sometimes think to ask him to take a photo but it’s never quite how I would like it to be captured. Want to know what photos he always thinks to capture? The massively embarrassing ones that he wants to remember….when I’m dressed in some stupid costume I donned to make my son laugh, when I’m covered in mud having just slipped over during one of our nature walks, when I’m so tired I’ve laid on the floor and just let our son pile his toys all over me like a human buckaroo…yeah he gets those ones!!

pregnant woman sitting in forest holding bump sun shining

So if we really want these images then why don’t we just ask the people in our lives for a photography gift card? Well as wonderful as Mothers are, we have our faults. One of them is always putting others before ourselves. Which yes, is to be expected when you have young children who depend on you and need you so much. But we become so used to caring for others needs first that we completely forget that our exist at all! Because of that we rarely think to ask for things for ourselves at all! Sometimes we need reminding that we get to be a little selfish from time to time. It’s allowed for us to do something that is just for us!

husband holds newborn son by window wife wraps arms round
pregnant woman with husband and son hold bump

Purchasing a photography gift card is gifting a Mother a chance to slow down. Step off the never-ending treadmill that is Motherhood! Let’s be real being a parent is just as difficult as it is rewarding at times. When we’re in the thick of the parenting trenches we can be so swept up in the everyday that before we know it weeks, months and years have flown by us! It’s wonderful to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment, enjoy who your children are now before they move onto the next phase of themselves.

Lifestyle Photographer South Wales pregnant woman sat on bed

I’m a big advocate for celebrating Motherhood but never more than in 2021. Women have gone through pregnancy, given birth and are raising children in unimaginable circumstances thanks to the pandemic. It has been a trying time of isolation, exhaustion and stress, as if Mothering wasn’t already tiring enough! I can think of no better time than to show them that as hard as this has been, they are doing an amazing job and we see them, we appreciate them. Treat them to something unforgettable this Mothers day!

husband wife laughing garden baby son photography gift card

I have photography gift cards for maternity, newborn or family portraits if you would like to know more about the different packages I have on offer please drop me a message.

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To stay in touch come over and say hi to me over on Instagram!


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