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Monmouth Breastfeeding Portrait, South Wales.

Kata & Aryan

"This is Aryan, my second son. Our breastfeeding journey started pretty well, latched on correctly quickly, although didn't start gaining weight for a while but then caught up with the lost birth weight by day number 17 and from then it was all smooth. Until my husband went back to work and I had a very busy routine to follow: my oldest has autism and I take him to different therapies and interventions 3 days a week and also take him to a pre school that's best suitable for his delay and that's not our local nursery. So from 6 weeks onward me and Aryan were on the road driving the older brother to different places and had to get on with feeding in the car, in a cafe, in the park where we spent a few hours waiting for big bro to finish. And when I realised Aryan was quick and fed so effectively I felt incredibly happy that I didn't shy away from this. I could have easily gone for a bottle outside of our home but I pushed through and now I am confident in what we are doing. I still prefer feeding at home but if Aryan is hungry I am now able to feed him almost everywhere. This way I feel they both get the best from me. Older brother the commitment that I help him with taking him to the same places as before his brother was born and Aryan with the best possible start in his life, all my love and goodness in my mummy milk. "

Mother Nurture is an ongoing portrait series created to celebrate breastfeeding Mothers. If you would like to take part drop me a message at


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