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Mother Nurture, A Breastfeeding Portrait Project. South Wales.

I created the Mother Nurture project almost two years ago, I'll be blogging all the Mothers who have taken part so far starting here with my own story.

My breastfeeding journey started with a lot of crying from both my son and myself. Poor Jasper was hungry and I couldn’t get the latch correct. I was exhausted and in agony, each feed brought me to tears, the pain was incredible and the sound of my son crying whilst I struggled to feed him was insufferable. After two days I finally reached breaking point, “I can’t do this!” It was 3am, my poor husband had to contend with a weeping wife, a screaming child and no way to feed him. Our only option was to head back to the hospital. I felt like such a failure.

A lovely doctor came and sat with me for a while, she talked me through different holds gave me some reassuring words and that was the start of our fantastic year long breastfeeding journey. It really was as simple as that, I owe a lot to that lovely doctor!

Before I began the Mother Nurture series I had certain views on extended breastfeeding, “there no way I would feed a child beyond one, it’s just so weird!” Then I met so many amazing Mums who had done just that, they opened my eyes to the benefits of feeding beyond one and changed my opinion completely! I prepared myself to do the same, to nurse Jasper till he was at least two. A few days shy of his first birthday Jasper began to self wean.

Initially I was devastated. I was in tears to my husband, desperately texting my breastfeeding friends and googling into the early hours! Eventually I calmed down and realised this was the best ending to our breastfeeding journey. We’d had a blissful first year, I’m so proud of what I have achieved, I’m grateful to those who have supported me and I am excited for the next chapter. I had given Jasper everything I could, he was ready to finish, it was his decision.

Now to those out there who are just staring their breastfeeding journey. You have just created a human being, that is pretty impressive so whatever happens next remember you are amazing! If you’re struggling, reach out, there’s plenty of help out there and there’s absolutely no shame in asking for it. We’ve all been through the tough bits and we want to help all Mums to get through to the other side, because the other side is incredible. Enjoy this time, soak it up as much as you can, the hours seem long but the months fly by. It might be hard in the beginning but the day will come where it all falls into place and you’ll look down at that baby feeding from you and you’ll be consumed by a love like no other.

Although my journey with breastfeeding has come to an end, this project shall carry on as long as there are Mums wanting to join in. So please tag and share away and send those lovely breastfeeding Mummies my way!

If you would like to get involved in the Mother Nurture project please e-mail me at


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