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Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Abergavenny - Emma & Zeke

By now, you probably know how special breastfeeding in Abergavenny is to me personally. I have so much to thank the women of the Abergavenny breastfeeding support group in my nursing journey. Because of this it always feels special to me when I get to shoot a ‘Mother Nurture’ session in this wonderful town! So here we have Emma and her two littlest children nestled in the beautiful Linda Vista Gardens!

mum breastfeeding in abergavenny gardens outdoor toddler
mum and two children cuddled smiling outdoors park gardens

Emma reached out to me wanting to document her breastfeeding journey with her youngest, child Zeke. An experience made a little different to feeding her two older children thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns. We met at the gardens to create these breastfeeding in Abergavenny photos. I arrived to find Emma playing with her almost one year old and four year old on the swing. A lovely sight, I couldn’t resist snapping shots of the children playing. In fact one of my favourite images from the session is Zeke nursing with Mum whilst his big sister hangs out on the swing in the background.

mum breastfeeding son in park gardens daughter on swing
black and white portrait mum kissing toddler son on cheek
young girl pink coat playing in park balancing on log

So often Mums of multiple children tell me how different feeding your first vs your second, third etc child is. Which makes so much sense of course! When your nursing your first baby it’s usually a completely reasonable option to focus purely on establishing your nursing. Hanging out in the house all day, lots of snacks, lots of watching tv, reading and resting….. However I imagine that if you already have another child to look after when baby arrives….resting is possibly a little harder to do!

breastfeeding portrait motherhood photography south wales

But Emma seems to be absolutely nailing it! Of course Zeke is very lucky to have a big sister who plays so happily. She would come over to chat with us and give her little brother a loving rub on his head. So sweet!

one year old breastfeeding to sleep outdoors nursing

At the time we took these breastfeeding in Abergavenny photos, Zeke was not far from turning one. We have to take a moment to cheer on Emma for getting to that one year of feeding milestone, not always the easiest thing to do!

motherhood photography south wales breastfeeding portrait

I create breastfeeding portraits of children of all ages, right from newborn to being 4 plus years old. I love it all but have to admit that the older the child the tricker the shooting!! We all know that when a newborn baby is feeding the world could be falling down around them and they wouldn’t notice a thing! But older children are more inquisitive. Zeke was the same.

baby distracted from breastfeeding looking into camera

When Emma got ready to feed, Zeke would have a tiny bit of milk then whip off of the boob to watch what I was up to. I mean, you can’t blame him of course, he must have fed 100s of times but this was the first time there was some new woman taking photos of it!! Eventually though he soon got bored of what I was doing and nursed happily with Mum.

mother sat outdoors on log breastfeeding son south wales

Zeke was so happy and so calm with Mums milky cuddles that he fell fast asleep under the trees. What a spot to take a nap! As he happily slept and Emma enjoyed breastfeeding in Abergavenny I snapped away, creating some truly dreamy nursing portraits!

baby asleep whilst breastfeeding outdoors in garden

After lots of shooting, I popped my camera away. Zeke was out for the count so I just hung out with his Mummy for a while before I left this lovely family to enjoy their sunny day together.

If you want to know more about my ‘Mother Nurture’ portrait series then please head to this page to see lots more.

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