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Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Photography - Katie & Mali

Around three years ago I began a breastfeeding photography series which I named ‘Mother Nurture’ it’s aim was to celebrate Mothers who chose and were able to breastfeed. As well as share honest experiences in the hope of supporting other Mothers on this journey. Whilst I was still breastfeeding my own son this project was an all consuming passion of mine and it honestly brought me experiences I never would have imaged. Like photographing a mother nurse her child on top of a mountain to capturing a group of 12 women nursing their children all at once. Mine and my sons breastfeeding journey may have finished over two years ago but I’m so happy to be bringing this project back!

mother smiles and plays with breastfeeding daughter

It seems very fitting that re-opening this series should happen with the gorgeous Katie. You see three years back she was one of the first Mothers I created my breastfeeding photography with. We had got to know each other back in those early hazy days of being a Mum, nappy bags, breast pads and baby groups! I came to Katies home to photograph her nursing her first daughter Ffion. We got some beautiful casual shots of her smiling down on her gorgeous girl and I know those images still bring her joy now. I have to admit it seemed so strange to be capture these images with Katie once more but this time with her second daughter Mali. I just don’t know where the time has gone!

breastfeeding photography south wales
breastfeeding photography south wales nursing portrait

Katie was one of thousands of superhero Mothers who experienced her pregnancy and birth through lockdown. She made so many sacrifices including having to be parted from her key worker husband for a great deal of time whilst she, her daughter and her unborn child shielded. I can’t imagine that was easy. I am in awe of the strength Katie has.

babys hand focus while breastfeeding

We chose to have this breastfeeding photography session outside, a wonderful juxtaposition to all those months we have had to stay at home. Surrounded by the beautiful autumn leaves in Linda Vista Gardens Katie sat and lovingly fed her youngest child. A truly beautiful sight to behold.

black and white woman sitting on bench feeding baby
woman smiling in garden breastfeeding baby

Mali is an absolute doll, she woke from her nap, without complaint, latched on to her Mummy and had a lovely feed whilst playing with Katies necklace. I was immediately transported back to our breastfeeding photography session with Malis big sister Ffion. The magic of capture this journey for both of Katies daughters was not lost on me.

baby girl smiles playing with mothers necklace
baby girl smiles up to mum playing with necklace

Of course Mali is so gorgeous and I was so taken aback by her stunning eyes! So big, so beautiful and so deep! One of my favourite shots from the session has to be this one below. Those striking eyes, looking up so lovingly to her Mummy, her whole world.

breastfeeding baby big eyes black and white
breastfeeding baby portrait newborn photography south wales

I’ll say it again, I am SO excited to be offering breastfeeding photography sessions once again, so if you would like to get involved in ‘Mother Nurture’ then please drop me an e-mail or a DM on Instagram.

mother holding nursing baby big smiles

If you loved reading about this session you will LOVE this blog, a throwback Katie and Ffions session including a wonderful poem written by Katie herself.


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