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Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Photoshoot - Eloise & Beatrice

Now that the weather is slowly cheering up, it’s the perfect time for a beautiful outdoor breastfeeding photoshoot! And I cannot think of many prettier places that the ever vibrant Linda Vista gardens in Abergavenny. So that’s exactly where I met Eloise and her lovely little family for her breastfeeding photoshoot!

Before I share all the images from Eloises breastfeeding photoshoot I feel the need to point out just how brilliant her boots are!! If wasn’t for the fact that I’m pretty certain my huge clown feet wouldn’t fit in them I feel I would have absolutely nabbed them right off Eloises feet. … But anyway!!!

It was so lovely to meet Eloise and her beautiful six month old Beatrice not to mention a breastfeeding photoshoot first, Eloises husband Dominik! We spoke of course about the madness of having a baby in the middle of a pandemic, the ups and downs of parenting tiny people and all the while I snapped away, catching plenty organic shots along the way.

Every breastfeeding photoshoot I have captured is of course special and wonderful but this one was just a little extra as I happened to be capturing Beatrice final breastfeed! Deciding to finish breastfeeding can be a difficult decision to make, most parenting decisions are though! It’s the end of a chapter and you’re transitioning into a new phase of parenthood and I think it’s absolutely brilliant that Eloise now has these images of that last feed to treasure forever! She’ll always be able to see how far she came in her nursing journey, be reminded of how it felt to share that I really hope she feels so much pride and love when she looks back at these!

As always I asked Elosie to share her thoughts about breastfeeding in the hopes of helping other nursing Mums and here is what she wanted to say,

“6 months was my goal, 6months We made it too! Well actually two days shy as my last feed was my breastfeeding photoshoot by coincidence.

I’m so proud of the journey I went on breastfeeding. And actually finally stopping was a decision I really toyed with back and forth. I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional about stopping. I know i could have continued and I think my ‘goal’ was actually my downfall. I made it as far as I had told myself I would. It should have been my target. And then maybe I wouldn’t have felt like it was my time to stop!

It wasn’t easy to begin, tongue tie which we had cut privately (at around 9 weeks) mastitis (luckily only once), shallow latch (always!) plenty of leaking early on. But as we found our rhythm by around the 9 weeks mark it really did become amazing and magical bonding experience.

So my two pieces of advice: don’t set a goal, set a target!

Keep at it, it does get easier

And it really is so worth it!”

As I mentioned before the whole family came along to this breastfeeding photoshoot, so you know I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of everyone together!! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the partners of breastfeeding Mothers! Their support is so vital especially during those early days!

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