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Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Photoshoot Event - Mothers Milk Minis

Photographing breastfeeding Mothers is where my business found it’s beginnings. I was passionate to help women share their story and offer support to other breastfeeding Mothers. So ‘The Mother Nurture’ sessions were born! Almost six years on and I still have the honour of creating beautiful portraits of Mothers nursing their children. It’s still my passion but the sad truth is that these days I simply don’t have the time to give to this project. Which means so many breastfeeding Mothers are missing out on capturing this incredible chapter of their parenting journey. So….I’m happy to announce my first ever breastfeeding photoshoot event, Mother’s Milk!

You may have some questions about this breastfeeding photoshoot event, well I’m here to answer them!


Whether you breastfeed your little one for the first few days or the first few years of their lives, it will seem fleeting. We all know how fast time flies once you become a parent. And whilst your knee deep in the chaos of raising little people, it’s easy to forget to appreciate it all, until it’s too late. Breastfeeding included.

So many Mothers tell me how much they wish they had thought to make a memento of those milky cuddles with their little ones. It’s heartbreaking. This breastfeeding photoshoot event is perfect way to help as many Mothers as I can to take the time to acknowledge how amazing their body is and how magical it is to have this unique bond with their child.


This breastfeeding photoshoot event is open to everyone. Whether your breastfeeding or chest feeding, your nursing a newborn or an older child, your exclusively pumping, tandem feeding, using donated milk. You are welcome to this celebration.


A breastfeeding photoshoot event is a day of ‘mini photoshoots’ each lasting up to 15/20 minutes. Once you have booked your slot, you will arrive at the session, get comfortable and simply start to feed your child. Then you just let me catch the magic of it, those big wide eyes looking up at you, the little fingers clasping your finger or playing with your necklace, your arms wrapped around the biggest love you’ve ever known.

Depending on the age of your child or simply how long they feel like feeding on the day we normally will have time to also capture a few extra portraits of you and your child once they’ve finished nursing.


You’ll find the breastfeeding photoshoot event happening on the 10th of June. We are lucky enough to have exclusive use of Marlows Place in Abergavenny!

If you can’t make this date then please let me know and if there is enough interest I can happily host another breastfeeding photoshoot event at a later date.

I’m only able to open up the ‘Mothers Milk’ sessions to 8 people this time so please click this link to grab you slot now.

To see more of my breastfeeding portrait work you can find my ‘Mother Nurture’ work here.

And if you have any other questions about the breastfeeding photoshoot event please do reach out to me here.


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