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Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Portrait - Amelia & Archie

Mother Nurture is a breastfeeding portrait series created to celebrate and support breastfeeding Mothers. A chance to share our own individual experiences and words of wisdom too! These images are full of love and strength and it’s a huge honour for me to create them!

mum breastfeeding young son in home

I had the pleasure of meeting Amelia, Dom and Archie when I visited their home for their newborn session. And I absolutely loved heading back to their beautiful Chepstow home to create this breastfeeding portrait series 6 months on! I have no idea where those six months went but there we are!

black and white mum smiling breastfeeding baby
 mum smiling breastfeeding baby christmas tree behind

Archie was of course just a tiny baby when I met him the first time around and I just cannot believe how much he has grown in such a short space of time. Nor how much brilliantly cheeky personality he has developed too! He honestly was an absolute pleasure to photograph!

mum trying to breastfeed baby smiling to camera
black and white baby big smiling face
baby face smiling big eyes looking into camera
mum tickle baby chin baby smiling to camera

Now a little bit about my breastfeeding portrait series. The sessions are completely free of charge and each Mum will receive one of her images afterwards. She can purchase more if she chooses but there is zero obligation to spend any money with me. My main goal with these sessions is just to celebrate each Mothers achievements. Because let’s be honest as beautiful as breastfeeding is there can be a lot of difficulties attached to it, physical, mental and emotional.

mum smiling down on breastfeeding baby son cuddling
mum smiling down on breastfeeding baby son black and white

Every so often I will pop on social media to open up the waiting list for the breastfeeding portrait sessions. The last time I did this I received a flood of women wanting to get involved which was amazing and I was THRILLED to see Amelia asking to take part! I’ll share this message from her and you’ll see why I was so happy.

“I was incredibly apprehensive as to what my breastfeeding journey would look like with Archie whilst I was still pregnant with him. I had heard so many stories of mums struggling with it that I automatically felt I would likely hit one of these challenges and not be able to breastfeed for long. I had also built up an anxiety about feeding in public and being discreet because...well...boobs!

Most of these concerns disappeared on his arrival - suddenly I had a new found respect for my body and I felt an incredible bond every time I fed him. I went from saying to Sarah before our newborn photoshoot 'no breastfeeding shots please...' to jumping at the opportunity at 6 months for a whole shoot around breastfeeding! I wanted to celebrate those precious moments and I absolutely adore the photos Sarah captured. They have pride of place on the wall in our living room and I just can't get enough of them!”

mum smiling down at baby whilst breast-feeding son
mum big smile breastfeeding son at home

It’s absolutely wonderful to hear how much Amelia changed her thoughts around breastfeeding and I’m so pleased that she chose to celebrate it with me!

baby boy smiling into camera mum laughing in background
black and white mum cuddle son laughing baby smile

If breastfeeding is something you’re thinking about during your pregnancy then you’re going to have an idea of how you think it will be. But the truth is, until you actually experience it you couldn’t possibly know how it will be. I think that goes for all aspects of parenthood to be honest. That can be a scary thought for some, the idea of the unknown but it can also be incredibly exciting and full of wonderful surprises too!

I hope my little breastfeeding portrait series can show Mothers to be that the world of nursing babies is amazing and should be celebrated!

Thank you so much to Amelia for giving me the chance to create these images for her AND for sharing such a brilliant message with me too!

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