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Motherhood photography South Wales - Mother Breastfeeding - Abi & Teddy

Another instalment of some intimate Motherhood photography in south wales as I share these beautiful images of Abi & Teddy. A Mother breastfeeding the youngest of her brood in a quite park in Abergavenny. A lovely moment of their shared connection, I’m so touched Abi invited me to document these images for her.

mother breastfeeding in park on bench baby south wales

For those who do not know, I created a photo series some 3 years ago with the intention of celebrating and supporting all those who wanted to and were able to breastfeed their children. I do this by creating these timeless portraits of a Mother breastfeeding her child. These sessions are free of charge and each Mother receives one free image.

baby son nursing mother breastfeeding child pink dress
mother breastfeeding son in abergavenny park outdoor

When arranging these sessions I always ask the Mothers where they would like me to capture their images. Somewhere scenic? The comfort of your own home? This time we chose to meet in a park just a stone throw from the centre of Abergavenny town. This meant lots of people walking by as we were taking photos. You may think that as a photographer I would find this frustrating to have our session constantly interrupted.

mother breastfeeding in public outdoor park bench chepstow

The truth is that I loved it! Why? Because as someone who had huge anxiety around the thought of nursing my child in public I’m now passionate about sharing images of a Mother breastfeeding in public! I want to show that it’s completely normal and that there is nothing to fear. I can personally say that in a year of being a Mother breastfeeding in public I only ever had one uncomfortable interaction with a stranger whilst nursing. Even that wasn’t all that horrific! But the rest of the time I would get warm smiles, words of encouragement and well wishes from strangers, that or they didn’t even notice I was in the middle of nursing my child!

close up baby boy breastfeeding motherhood photography

So Abi feed Teddy in this lovely sunny park she was completely serene, barely even noticing there was a world beyond her and her son! The connection they shared at that moment was all consuming and I’m so thankful that Abi reached out to me to document these precious moments. Let’s be honest if you are a Mother breastfeeding, you rarely think to ask for photos to capture these milky moments. And a dodgy iPhone selfie doesn’t count! Breastfeeding is such a wonderful gift and deserves to be celebrated!

motherhood photography south wales mother son portrait
baby photography son motherhood photography south wales

Finally I want to make sure we give a special mention to this image of this lovely Mother breastfeeding image! I came in close to get a shot looking down on this nursing babe and the sound of my shutter drew his attention and I was able to capture this image showing just how beautiful Teddys stunning blue eyes are!

breastfeeding mother portrait close up baby south wales

If you’d like to know more about the Mother Nurture project please head to this page on my website.

Here’s another session of a Mother breastfeeding her child, Sam and Cara sharing their beautiful story of love and perseverance.

As I’m sure you can imagine, these sessions are in high demand and all slots for this year have been booked up. If you’d like to be the first to know when I reopen the bookings for these sessions please join the mailing list!


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