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Newborn Baby Photo Session Gift Card. And a bit about Covid-19..

I think we can all agree these are very strange and uncertain times. I’m sure you have spent the past few weeks feeling a little bombarded by all the news of Coronavirus well I’m here to give my little piece now too. Nothing too heavy, don’t worry, just how it relates to the running of my photography business.

Firstly it is with a heavy heart that I have to say I have decided to post pone the Mummy & Me Mini sessions which were planned for the 28th of May. I’m so disappointed because this event is always a highlight of my year but it seems the only sensible thing to do. BUT fear not! They will return as soon as possible! If you would like to be one of the first to find out about future mini events and offers you can join my (non-spammy) e-mail list.

In regards to full portrait sessions, I am currently happy to go ahead as usual. I am following all government advice, my equipment will be thoroughly cleaned regularly, myself and my family are all healthy and happy and we have begun limiting our outings to only essential trips.

And now a quick interlude of a couple of reasons Sarah Haile Photo might be the best option for your newborn portraiture.

If you have a look through my website you’ll soon realise I don’t pose babies. My newborn portraiture is all about the connection between baby, their family and the new world around them. I shoot with a ‘fly on the wall’ approach and therefore NEVER actually touch any newborn babies. Trust me I want to scoop them up and give them the biggest cwtch going but I never do. I want the moments I capture to be truly organic, authentic and untouched.

ALSO I have vivid memories of when my son was just weeks old and a well meaning friend nursed him for SUUUCH a long time and I HATED it. It might sound irrational to some but it caused me so much stress and upset that she wouldn’t give my baby back to me because she was enjoying a cuddle! So I’ve always been acutely aware not to take too much time soaking up newborn cuddles of babes that aren’t my own!

The fact that I never actually lay a finger on a baby during a session happens to be very useful in the current climate.

With ‘traditional’ posed newborn portraiture, baby really needs to be just a few weeks old, when they’re still sleeping most of the day so that they can be easily and safely posed.

My approach is about those natural baby portraits, you cuddling, interacting and loving on your new little love. They can be a few days old, fast asleep on your chest or a few months old eyes wide open and fixed on your loving smile. There is no small window we need to create your portraits, so it’s the perfect option if you would like to book now and have your session at a later date once you are ready.

I know how stressful and worrying everything is right now and I’ve been racking my mind trying to think what I can do to help raise spirits and spread a little joy. So..I’m happy to announce that for the next two months I’ll be running an incredibly special offer.

You can now purchase a newborn photography gift voucher for just £95…the offered package usually costs £300!

This includes:

> A newborn portrait guide to help plan your session.

> A phone call consultation to discuss your vision.

> A two hour at home newborn portrait session.

> Travel within 30 miles of Abergavenny.

> 10 digital images.

My hope is that by creating this special offer we can help bring back a little bit of happiness into the lives of expectant Mothers. I’m sure they’re lots of Mums to be out there right now who have been dreaming about this chapter of their life for a long time and it probably didn’t include, self isolation and mass panic! So if you want to forget the madness for a bit and celebrate the beauty of a new life entering the world then please let me help you do that.

All you need to do is drop me an e-mail.

Stay safe and happy,


P.S this offer will only be available for the next two months, so please get in touch, I’d hate for anyone to miss out.


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