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Newborn Photographer South Wales - At Home Baby Photoshoot - Social Distancing Edition

As a newborn photographer in South Wales I was beyond excited when my lovely friend Hannah gave birth to her second daughter, Belle. I couldn’t wait to go meet her and of course get some yummy newborn shots. But before that happened the country went into lockdown…What to do?! Lightbulb moment! An at home baby photoshoot which adheres to social distancing rules!

I’m lucky to call Hannah a good friend and this was the first time I actually got to meet Belle and I’ve got to say it was so hard not being able to give her a little cuddle and properly coo over her! And it did feel strange to be visiting without bringing my son to play with Luna as we so often do! In fact when Luna first saw me she came running right over and it felt awful to have to back away from her. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the feeling of social distancing!

On that note, I realise you might have a question during in your mind right now…

How did we maintain social distancing during our at home baby photoshoot?

First we began with Hannah simply cuddling and playing with her two little girls as she would usually whilst I captured those organic moments through her living room window. Yes it did give me a slight peeping Tom feel but hey these are strange times!

We were also able to throw Hannahs patio doors open and catch some portraits without the glass between us thanks to my handy zoom lens. I was able to stand way out in the garden whilst zooming in to catch those dreamy details of Belle and her loving family!

I want to add that Hannah had a side entrance from the street into her back garden so I was able to access it without having to go through her home.

It was a challenge as a photographer to get the images I really wanted to as I’m used to being able to move around freely as my clients cuddle up together, even climbing on furniture to get the perfect shot! Then to add to the challenge Luna decided to grab Mammies polaroid camera and give me some competition!

This felt like so much more than simply a newborn photoshoot, (although yes those are ALWAYS special!) this felt like documenting a part of history we will be able to talk about for years. What it was like to have a newborn baby during the 2020 lockdown.

That being said it was still a chance to celebrate the beauty of welcoming a new life. I’m so pleased I managed to catch the moment when Hannah first noticed how tiny Belles feet where next to Lunas. A simple moment to some but a special one to Hannah where she realises how much her eldest has grown, no longer a baby!

Here’s what Hannah had to say about working with me, she’s just the loveliest!

“Sarah is absolutely incredible at what she does because she's driven by her passion for her skill. Every time she's shot my family it's been such a fantastic, memorable experience. I think Sarah's captured most of our most treasured memories.

My little girl is always so relaxed around her and even my husband doesn't mind a photoshoot or two! Sarah makes you feel instantly relaxed and actually you forget she's there!

She captures the spirit of my little girl perfectly that no posed picture ever could. She brings those special moments to life and freezes them for you to treasure forever. I have to say the best bit about a booking with Sarah, apart from the delicious northern accent! Is getting that email to say your images are ready. The excitement I get every time when I see Sarah's name land in my inbox is like Christmas morning! And guaranteed I'm always in tears of happiness when I see those perfect images that I know Sarah has put her heart and soul into.

I highly recommend her to everyone and am guilty of thinking of things just for Sarah to come and capture!”

I’m so pleased we had the opportunity to get these images during our at home baby photoshoot. It was a little different to how we thought it would be but it was wonderful all the same! I’m a huge believer in celebrating the wonderful moments of parenthood and I think we need to be doing it more than ever right now!

If you would like to know more about creating your own at home baby photoshoot in a safe way then head here


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