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Newborn Photography Ideas - Baby Photography Bristol - 7 Must Have Newborn Photos

This week I’m sharing some wisdom on the photos you NEED to capture during those hazy newborn days! As baby grows it’s easy to forget some of these simple details of life with your tiny baby. With baby brain, sleep deprivation and the whirlwind of being new parents, I thought I’d make life easy for you with this handy list! So here’s a bunch of newborn photography ideas for the images you don’t want to forget!

Soaking up the cuddles.

Newborn Photography Ideas cardiff Newborn Photography
Her everything.

One of my favourite memories of life with a newborn was being cuddled up with my son on the sofa, holding him on my chest and taking in deep breaths of that intoxicating new baby smell! Grab yourself a photo of yourself simply sitting in your favourite spot holding baby close. This might seem a bit of a nothing moment to document but it really isn’t. This image is going to bring you butterflies in your tummy for years. Transport you back to those first few weeks when baby would sleep all day whilst you watched their chest rise and fall.

The sibling shot.

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography crickhowell
A loving big sister.

A concern of any parent bringing baby home is how any older sibling will take to baby. You want to avoid the feeling of them being pushed out, of course you want your older child to be excited not jealous. It’s important to make sure you include them in the photos, let them know they are just as important as their new baby sibling.

Plus, in the future when they’re scrapping like cat and dog you can look back at these pictures and remember that time when there was peace in your life!

This little piggie.

Newborn Photography Ideas usk Newborn Photography
Wee wee wee all the way home.

Never stop taking details pictures, you can’t have enough! I’m a big fan of focusing in on hands and feet! Especially when they’re being tickled or caressed by your hands. So often during sessions, parents will instinctively rub their babies hands as they’re chatting to me. I love to capture those moments, gestures of love that they don’t even realise they’re doing.

In years to come you’ll look back at this one and think, “I can’t believe they were ever that small!”

Newborn photography ideas, a familiar view.

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography swansea
Couldn't you just watch them all day?

Think of the hours you spend holding baby, looking down on those perfect features. Studying every little detail, smiling as their eyelids flutter and tracing your finger along the ridge of that button nose. This is an image that you have to document!

Cradle baby in your arms and have someone stand behind you to take a photo looking down. Capture the image that you spend so long already admiring! This one is a shot I mentioned in my 5 must have maternity photos, so you can have a comparison of bump to baby!

Fed is best.

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography abergavenny
Milky cuddles.

Wether its bottle or breast, feeding time is such a sweet moment absolutely worth capturing! Sit by a window to make sure you have plenty of natural light, get comfy and feed your baby. Even better if you tie this in with the over the shoulder shot I mentioned before!

I swear when I look at these photos of babies being fed I can almost hear those tiny little slurping noises!

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography chepstow
Proud Mama and her brood.

We are family.

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography South Wales
Big kind of love.

Now this one can be a little tricker to get, you might have to ask for some help or get yourself a tripod and use your cameras self timer. But you HAVE to get a photo of your whole family with baby. A true time capsule of how your family looked when you welcomed baby into the world.

Cuddle up all together and have everyone focus on baby, don’t stare down the lens and have everyone say “cheese!” This will make for a much more heartfelt and natural image. Get some with you and your partner looking into each others eyes to capture that, “we’ve made a baby” smile!

Four legged friend!

Newborn Photography South Wales Newborn Photography Ideas
Never work with animals or children you say?

And last but certainly not least for these newborn photography ideas is to get your pets involved! They are just as important member of the family as anyone else. Plus the chances are baby and your pet will grow to be best of friends causing all kinds of mischief together! So why not create an image of where it all began?

Newborn Photography Ideas Newborn Photography cardiff
Sloppy kisses for babe!

Bonus points if you catch a photo of baby getting a lovely doggy kiss on the head!

I could’ve simply shared a bullet point list of newborn photography ideas with no context…. but I want you to realise that the images you create during this time have so much meaning! Each one tells a story, each one is full of hundreds of little details only you will appreciate. I hope this inspires you to capture some of these moments and maybe even some I haven’t mentioned! If you would like to know more about my storytelling approach to newborn photography you can check out my portfolio. You’re welcome to send me a message anytime to find out about creating your own emotive portraits with me.


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