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Newborn Photography South Wales - Abergavenny Newborn Photos - Hello Olivia

Have you been searching Abergavenny for newborn photos that feel natural and honest? Well let me share these images from Harriet and James newborn session welcoming their beautiful little girl into the world. I’m sure they’d tell you that these images are the perfect time capsule of this incredible moment of their families life!

I was welcomed into this families warm home to be met by a happily snoozing Olivia. She was sweetly asleep cuddled up in her Mums arms, so serene that of course I had to start catching those newborn photos right away. These perfectly sum up those early days of Motherhood, holding your warm baby close to your heart and inhaling their addictive newborn smell!

For this next set of newborn photos I asked Harriet to carry her daughter over to the living rooms large french doors. The light streaming in shone down perfectly on Mother and daughter, highlighting Harriets soft, proud smile.

Next I asked James to come and join. He lovingly wrapped his arms around both Olivia and Harriet. I hope he used the moment to savour the enormity of holding his whole family in his arms. Something in the way he gently kissed Harriets head told me he did.

Something always strikes me when I get to create newborn photos, is how tiny these little babies are! I know that seems like such an obvious thing to say but myself being the Mother to an ever growing gangly four year I cannot remember him being that tiny newborn! Because I completely understand how fast this time goes by and how faster they grow, I LOVE to catch newborn photos so you can forever remember them just as they are, right now. As the years go by and Olivia rushes to grow up, James will always have these images of how Olivia once fit so perfectly in his hands.

All of the family cuddled up onto the bed next to capture these intimate newborn photos. Somehow Olivia was still soundly asleep at this point, gold star for the most chilled out newborn! Lets hope she decided to carry on snoozing long enough for Mum and Dad to grab a bit of rest themselves!

Finally we headed into Olivias nursery, such a warm space full of those little details we love to put together before baby arrives. Harriet cuddled up on their nursing chair whilst James sat down and read aloud from a classic, “guess how much I love you?” Such a sweet and organic moment to capture that shows the love and joy in this family!

It’s always so wonderful to be invited into a home which has just welcomed a new life. Such a special time and it is an honour to be trusted to celebrate with natural newborn photos!

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