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Newborn Photography South Wales - Baby Photography - Abergavenny

I love love love being invited back to a families home to photograph their families at each chapter. But it’s even more exciting when I’m returning to a family to capture the baby photography for their newest arrival! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Bethan and her family a few times now, the first was a newborn session for her eldest son Billy. Now we’re back capturing the memories of those first special weeks with her baby son Teddy!

Thankfully we chose a beautifully sunny day so it made perfect sense to capture this baby photography in the shade of Bethan's lush green garden. I asked Bethan to get comfy sitting out on the lawn cuddling her tiny baby, we tried to see if big brother Billy would like to join in some of the photos….but as is usually the case with older siblings, he had other priorities. This is so normal for older siblings, it can feel a little strange for them to have a woman they don’t know very well in their home taking photos. I never suggest we try to force a child to join in when they’re not ready, it makes for forced and uncomfortable photos it also adds stress for everyone involved. Remember, creating your baby photography should be an enjoyable experience! So we left Billy to play freely in the garden whilst we focused on Mum and baby Teddy. I knew we would get the shot of Bethan and both her boys by the end of the session, we just had to be patient.

Teddy was seriously one chilled little guy! It was amazing, he stayed awake and alert through the whole session which is rare for such a new baby and he was happy throughout! He certainly made my job of capturing his baby photography easy! It was a breeze to capture some of my favourite shots during a newborn session, the details! Look at those sweet little feet, oh the places those feet will take you Teddy!

If you didn’t know, I do actually offer mini sessions for people to book. It’s a great option if you would like photos of just yourself and your children which is exactly what Bethan was looking for. Half an hour in the sun creating baby photography to celebrate her beautiful boys and her journey of Motherhood. We all need reminding sometimes how hard we are working, how well we are doing showering our children with our love a mini session is a wonderful way to do just that. Plus whenever you need that little reminder again you just have to revisit your lovely photos!

Now throughout the session we had tried several methods of encouraging Billy to join in the baby photography festivities with little success. Finally I suggested we try reading a book together, this is always my favourite way to get young children to sit still for longer than five seconds! It worked a treat, Billy was happy to sit with Mum and his baby brother whilst they shared a colourful book together. Giving me lots of chance to capture intimate photos of Bethan with her two boys! Hurrah!!

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