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Newborn Photography South Wales - Baby Photos at Home - Why your home is better than a studio

Whilst pregnant we’re waiting patiently …. or in my case not so patiently for our tiny baby to arrive. Then once they are here they grow so fast, those tiny babies do not stay tiny for very long at all! This is exactly why creating newborn portraits is so very precious! But before you go ahead and find your nearest newborn studio to book in to create images just like those everybody else does…let’s look at why having your baby photos at home is sooooo much better!

Newborn studios specialise in creating posed, styled portraits of babies. Of course, they’re beautiful photos but they all look very similar. It’s all baskets, wraps, props and poses. Now some people enjoy that but others are looking for something a little more unique. Something that really tells your families story, captures who you are and is unlike anybody else's photos. Of course when creating your baby photos at home you get all of this and more!

I find that when we are making baby photos at home parents are infinitely more comfortable. Compared to if they had to bundle baby, and all the paraphernalia babies come with into the car to get to an unfamiliar studio. Once there, parents can often feel like a spare part whilst watching their babies be posed, hoping and praying baby stays content for the hour slot they have in the studio! Ugh my hearts pounding just at the thought. Why wouldn’t you opt to make your baby photos at home instead? Where you are completely in control, your in the place you feel safest and most comfortable and where you know that should baby need anything at all you can meet their every need in your home.

And can I let you into the biggest reason to create your baby photos at home? Baby is much happier! Why? Well for one as I mentioned before, YOU as parents are much more relaxed and happy at home which always makes for a happier and calmer baby. But also baby isn’t being placed in an unfamiliar setting, being wrapped up in swaddles and posed by a strangers hands away from their Mum. This is after all your fourth trimester, baby is always going to be happiest when cuddled in close to Mum, feeling her warmth and hearing her heartbeat as she knows so well whilst growing inside Mummy’s tummy. Which is why I rarely touch baby during a session of baby photos at home. I much prefer to keep baby close to Mum and Dad where everyone is happiest.

Making baby photos at home means that you can create images that feel very natural. Images that truly capture all the huge, deep emotions of this precious time. Images so full of love and intimacy that whenever you revisit them you will be able to feel that love in all it’s glory! Take it from a veteran Mum, the newborn days may feel long at the time but really they fly by in the blink of an eye. Children grow and change so much in such a short time that being able to forever enjoy them as a newborn is priceless.

Would you like to see what a session of making baby photos at home with me looks like? Then check out this blog post.

To talk about your own baby photos at home or for me to answer any questions you might have, drop me a message!

If you want to see lots more of my work and if I could be the right newborn photographer for you, come say hi on instagram.


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