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Newborn Photography South Wales - Baby Photoshoot -What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is how I would describe my approach to your baby photoshoot. But chances are that unless you yourself are in the industry you might not know what this exactly means. Well I’m here to talk you through it now!

A lifestyle newborn baby photoshoot is a session that takes place in a clients home, your home. It is a more natural and unposed approach to newborn photography versus the more mainstream studio photography you’re used to seeing. That’s sort of the long and short of it but lets delve a little deeper.

Perhaps you are pregnant or baby has just arrived and you want to celebrate with a baby photoshoot. You know how precious and fleeting this time is so you go looking for a newborn photographer. But…all you seem to find is pictures of babies in complicated poses, wrapped up and placed in baskets and that’s just not your thing. Honestly it’s not mine either. So lifestyle newborn photography is the alternative.

Lifestyle photography isn’t just about creating images which capture just how gorgeous your new baby. It’s about documenting the whole story! During your baby photoshoot I will capture images of your whole family, bundled together on the sofa, your bed, wherever you feel comfortable. And I mean the whole family, Mum, Dad, siblings and pets are all invited.

Then we just let it all happen organically. Baby needs feeding? Great, bottle or breast, feeding baby makes for some wonderfully intimate images full of love. Big brother wants to take photos of baby too? Fab, I’m happy to show him how my camera works or even let him borrow one of my cameras so he can capture photos himself. This has happened a few times during a baby photoshoot and I love documenting this moment of a big siblings excitement and pride of their baby!

Another joy of having a lifestyle baby photoshoot as appose to a studio based session is that everyone feels much more relaxed, especially baby. During a session I will encourage you to hold baby, cuddle them close and shower them with little kisses. Which is, as we all know, exactly what your baby needs. They want you close, to feel your warmth and hear your heartbeat, very much like being back in the womb! When baby is in your arms they are happy, so are you and this will translate over into your images. I love capture portraits which show that deep connection shared between baby and parent. Portraits so full of that glowing newborn love you can almost feel the warmth of it!

There will be times during your baby photoshoot where I will sit you in a certain spot and give you some simple prompts. But for the most part it’s a very relaxed and organic time where we just go with the flow of things. I’ve found that approaching newborn photography in this way makes for images that are so full of emotion and truly freeze the incredible moments of the newborn bubble!

I think this note from Lindsey about her sons baby photoshoot perfectly sums up the brilliance of lifestyle newborn photography,

“Couldn’t be happier! Loved every minute of the experience. Sarah was brilliant and so lovely to work with. She was so relaxed and friendly, and because we were so relaxed too we ended up with the most beautiful natural shots. She even got my toddler to behave for the camera! And the video was a complete surprise and bonus - everyone who has seen it got a bit teary-eyed! We’re so happy we chose you and have these amazing family photos to look back on xxx”

If this sounded great to you, you can head over to this session to see just what they're like!

If you want to have a chat about your own baby photoshoot then you can head over and drop me a message with any of your questions.

Finally, you can always find me over on Instagram where I am forever sharing the wonders of relaxed and natural newborn photography!


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