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Newborn Photography South Wales - Book A Newborn Photographer - Avoid these mistakes!

I’ve been a newborn photographer in South Wales for over 5 years now. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with lots of families in that time and during our chats I’ve learned a lot about regrets they’ve had when they’ve worked with other photographers in the past. It breaks my heart to hear, as having your newborn photography created should be such a wonderful feeling! So I want to help you to avoid some of the things I hear often when booking your newborn photographer.

Before you book be sure that you actually like the newborn photographer you’re thinking of. They might create beautiful images but if you don’t click with them as a person, if their attitude or approach seems off to you then start looking somewhere else. Don’t forget that your session is not just about the end product, it’s about the experience as a whole. When you look at your photos you want to remember how fun the session was, how lovely it was creating these images. You don’t want to be reminded of an awkward or uncomfortable experience shared with a newborn photographer you didn’t gel with! I recommend you have a thorough look through a photographers website, read their about page, find out what makes them click, hear their tone of voice. Check out their social media profiles, watch their stories and see if you like their personality to help you figure out if they are the right choice for you.

This one might seem a little obvious but be sure you like their style of photography before you book that newborn photographer. There’s lots of different ways to create newborn photography and each photographers approach is unique to them. Have a good look at their portfolio on their website, read through their blog or ask for some examples of their work and be sure it makes your heart sing! I mention this one because I’ve had clients tell me they booked someone entirely on a recommendation of a friend only to be really disappointed at the images they created, not to their taste at all!

Before you book a newborn photographer be sure you have a full understanding of how much you can expect to invest into your images. When a client books with me they receive a guide with absolutely everything laid out, how much a session costs, what’s included and how much any extras after their session will be. You have the ability to work out what is the best fit for your budget and can avoid any possible disappointments. I’ve honestly lost count of how many people have shared stories of receiving a free photography session only to be completely blindsided at the hundreds they then spend on images afterwards. This is quite a well known technique implemented in the photography business so be sure you are fully aware of what you can expect to be spending with a newborn photographer.

Finally, ask lots of questions. If you have any concerns about a session with a newborn photographer or are just feeling a little lost at sea ask for help. The right newborn photographer will understand that this might be a whole new overwhelming experience for you and they should be able to easily guide you through it all. They should take away any stress leaving you to simply get excited about celebrating this incredible time in your families story!

Speaking of questions….check out this blog where I’m answering the most common questions I get asked as a newborn photographer.

To see lots of my newborn work please take a look at this page, though I must warn you, it will make you broody!

To find out if I am the right newborn photographer for you come and do a little stalking over on Instagram!


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