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Newborn Photography South Wales - In Home Newborn Photography - Lockdown Edition

If you’ve been following my social media channels, which of course you absolutely should be, you’ll have seen that I am now offering portrait sessions during lockdown. I’m so happy to be back to helping people celebrate their babies in their homes but of course I want to keep everyone completely safe. So you might be wondering how to do in home newborn photography during lockdown?

in home newborn photography breastfeeding mother in window
All smiles and cuddles during lockdown

What do we do first?

Of course the first thing we need to do is book your session! Very exciting! All it takes is for you to drop me a quick message and we will arrange a video call. We will have a chat about your session, go through the details like the date and the layout of your home, I can answer any questions you might have and we can just get to know each other a little.

in home newborn photography baby milky smile south wales
Milk drunk sleepy smiles

Where will you be?

When I arrive at your home I will give you a call to let you know I’ve arrived. We’ll have already discussed where I can shoot from, your front garden or back depending on access. At no point will I actually enter your home, you and your babies safety is the most important thing to me, of course!

in home newborn photography baby sleeping on dads shoulder
Sleeping on Daddy's shoulder

What will it be like to create in home newborn photography without contact?

I’ll stay on the phone throughout our session as I will primarily be shooting through your window, this way I can give you some direction and guidance. Don’t worry it’s not going to be me telling you to stand in a stiff pose and give me your best awkward smile. No! Quite the opposite I’ll ask you to do things like, smell babies head, look into your partners eyes, kiss babies hand, it’s all about capturing those organic moments. We might have glass between us but I’ll still photograph the incredible connection you share.

in home newborn photography mum kissing baby hand
How long have you waited to kiss those tiny fingers and toes?

So long as you are comfortable to do so we do have the option of opening up your doors. I have a wonderful long zoom lens which will allow me to be over two meters away from you whilst still capturing intimate newborn images.

How long will it take?

My usual newborn sessions are two hours long, we go throughout your home finding the best light and places to capture those sweet moments. However as we are so restricted by me not being able to come into your home, these sessions are half an hour. That being said, I won’t leave until I know I’ve got lots of yummy images for you to enjoy. If at any time during the session baby needs feeding then please go ahed, in fact those make for some of my favourite shots! There’s no pressure for time so please don’t stress if things don’t go quite how you expected, I mean things never really do go to plan with babies right?!

in home newborn photography during 2020 lockdown south wales
Nursing Mummy having milky cuddles

What happens after our session?

After your in home newborn photography session I will get straight to editing your images. I tend to get very excited at this point, I’m so eager for you to see the images that I send you one as a sneak peak the day after our shoot! The rest of your images will be ready to view 2-3 weeks after. I’ll send you a link to your private online gallery where you can choose the 4 images which where included in your fee, you can also choose to purchase more from your gallery if you’d like.

in home newborn photography sleeping baby sarah haile photo
Blissfully asleep in Daddy's arms

Then you get to share them far and wide with the people who are so desperate to meet your tiny new baby. I know you’ll be sharing these photos on your social media but why not have some printed to send as gifts to longing Grandparents? I’m a huge believer in the magic of physical printed images and I’m sure your loved ones will adore having those images to hold in their hands, until they can hold baby instead!

It’s so wonderful to be able to offer this service in such a trying time. To capture the joy of your new world and help you share it with the people you’re separated from. If you’d love to know more about in home newborn photography during lockdown then you can head here.


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