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Newborn Photography South Wales - Is Newborn Photography Worth It? - Should you book?

Today let’s tackle a big newborn photography worth it? If you don’t fancy a five minute read then I’ll cut to the chase and just say a big emphatic YES! I realise this potentially isn’t really the answer you were looking for when you wondered “is newborn photography worth it”. So let’s delve in a bit deeper.

The first thing I want to dive into when we look at the question, “is newborn photography worth it?” Is my own personal experience as a Mother. Personally I really do not enjoy the ‘staged’ studio work that we so often think of when we talk about newborn photography. So of course I was not going to invest in a studio newborn session. Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t find a photographer locally who’s work sang to me. Of course I took plenty of photos of my beautiful son but I now wish whole heartedly I had found another photographer to get the shots I wasn’t able to create myself! I wish I had shots of me with my son, which of course were tricky to capture myself! I wish I had images of how perfectly he fit in the crook of my arm, images looking down at him nestled in my embrace. I wish I had images of those little moments that were so special to me at the time, moments I’ll never get back.

SIDE NOTE: I’m actually 17 weeks pregnant with my second child as I write this and I’m happy to say I am now good friends with another wonderful photographer who I have booked ready for this babes arrival!

Something that not a lot of people consider when asking is newborn photography worth it, is that a newborn session is a wonderful way to celebrate you as a Mother! I know this sounds controversial because we are conditioned to think of Mothers as some kind of martyr who must forgo any self identity once she has given birth. But let’s be real, becoming pregnant is a blessing and a feat. Growing and birthing your child is an achievement a HUGE one. Bringing them into to the home who have created for them is an accomplishment. Nurturing them from day one and giving them everything you have is an effort. Just because it all comes from love doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted! All Mothers deserve the time to slow down and take stock of the incredible world they have created. A newborn session cuddling up to your baby is a perfect way to do just that.

Here’s the big one I tell people when they ask me, “is newborn photography worth it?” Your tiny baby will not be tiny for long. I know that’s a bit heart breaking, trust me as I sit next to my gangly 4 year old, I relate to this deeply! But it’s true, by the time your baby is one years old you will be struggling to remember what life with a newborn was like. Having portraits of them as they were, fresh to the world, means you will always have a way to revisit that time. As time passes and you celebrate new mile stones with your child these images will only increase in value for you.

Here’s the one I’ve faced plenty of times, “Is newborn photography worth it when my partner will take photos with their phone?”


I won’t go into why the quality of a phone image, regardless of how singing and dancing said phone is, will never compare to that of a DSLR camera. But it won’t…

Instead let’s talk about how, if your partner is like most of those I’ve met in this job, they will be unlikely to think of pulling out the phone out to take a photo of you and baby. And when they DO think to take a photo it will likely be to capture a less than flattering image of you, I speak from experience.

Unless your partner happens to have lots of experience in creating portraits of Mothers and their babies, then they will struggle to achieve images which you can expect from a professional. A professional understands how to use lighting to create breath taking photos, a photographer knows how to direct their subjects, how to pose them to get their best angles, they know which moments are the ones to capture, which details will bring tears to the eyes of parents. They know the ins and outs of how to create photos which you will love forever and I mean no offence but your other half probably doesn’t.

If you feel I’ve answered the question, “is newborn photography worth it” but you have more questions about your newborn session then please drop me a message with everything you want to know.

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Finally get to know me and more of my work by coming over to Instagram.


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