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Newborn Photography South Wales - Thank You, From This Lifestyle Photographer - 2020 Highlights

Let’s start by saying so long 2020!! Can I get an ahem?! 2020 is a year none of us will forget anytime soon but as hard as it was I’m happy to report that I have lots of highlights to share from it too. So please do indulged this lifestyle photographer as she gushes over the wonderful families she’s been able to work with this year.

looking through window mother breastfeeds baby
mother hold new baby and play with toddler feet

Honestly I’m not even entirely sure where to begin with this rollercoaster of a year. As we entered the first lockdown, which does feel like a good ten years ago now, I saw my whole business going up in flames. Just as I was starting to find my feet as a lifestyle photographer it seemed it would all come to an end thanks to the pandemic.


Thanks to my desperation to document, Belle, the new baby girl my close friend Hannah welcomed into the world I found a way to give my business wings. And boy did we rise from the ashes or what?!

Yes I found a way to safely document families welcoming new babes into the world. The lockdown sessions were born and were received so warmly, in fact they got a mention in our local newspaper!!

looking through window family with baby
dad holds up smiling baby play

So many Mothers have had to go through what should have been the most magical chapter of life, isolated and anxious. I am so honoured and grateful to the Mothers who chose me to be their lifestyle photographer in these unprecedented times.

I didn’t think I could love being a lifestyle photographer anymore until I was given the chance over and over to help Mothers celebrate the love for their children during such hard times. To see them glowing through the darkness.

looking through open window family with newborn baby
mum dad newborn sitting in long grass

This year I’ve worked with families from all over the world who now call South Wales home. They have trusted me to capture their intimate portraits to send to their loved ones around the globe. And I honestly feel honoured that I’ve had a part to play in bringing them all that little bit closer. Giving families the chance to share this joy and love even though they have to remain miles apart.

Being a lifestyle photographer during 2020 has given me so much hope. When everything around us turns upside down or has crumbled entirely I’ve been able to see the strength of family. That we’re all in this together. That love can persevere through it all. (Yes I know mega cheesy! But I get very cliched when I’m being retrospective.)

husband wife expecting baby black white
pregnant woman smiles outside dress blow wind
same sex couple pregnant smiling bump
same sex couple pregnant laugh cuddle under umberella
husband kiss pregnant wife neck
pregnant couple sit under tree

So I want this to be a love letter to my clients. Thank you for choosing me to be your lifestyle photographer. And thank you so very much for trusting me with these moments of your life. I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people this year and for having the chance to make brilliant memories with them.

So again. Thank you to the families who somehow made 2020 a good year. You’re amazing.

one year old girl eating cake birthday
family young daughter sit in window reading book

young sister and brother laugh cuddle on tree
black and white family sit together read book
sibling close up eyes together
baby girl sitting in forest smiling

It only feels right to throw it back to the first newborn lockdown session with Hannah and Belles blog! You can find it here.

If you would like to chat to me about capturing some of your own relaxed and natural portraits, whatever the occasion then please drop me a message.

And be sure to come and introduce yourself over on Instagram, it’s my second home, you’ll always find me there!


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